Directionless Christian, Muslim systems running India: Puri Shankaracharya


Puri-shankaracharya-edPURI Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati claimed that India was being run by “directionless Christian, Communist and Muslim systems” and its democracy and Constitution were not in line with the country’s needs and traditions.

The religious guru, who had triggered controversy in the past for his comments including blaming western influence for rapes, said politicians have become a tool in the hands of “foreign conspirators”.

“India is run by foreign conspirators you should know. Our prime ministers and ministers are guided by somewhere else…India is guided by directionless Christian, Communist and Muslim systems,” he said at a function to mark the second anniversary of Uttarakhand floods and landslides, which had left thousands dead.

The event was organised by BJP MP Ashwini Kumar Choubey where senior RSS functionary Dattatreya Hosabole was special guest while Puri Shankaracharya was the chief guest.

He lamented “destruction” of Himalaya and Ganga for developmental needs and said natural calamity much more severe than what was witnessed in Uttarakhand and Nepal would strike if things continued in the similar way. Foreign conspirators want to destroy all Indian symbols, he alleged.

“What is regrettable is that our democracy is not in line with our culture. The Constitution we have got is not in line with our culture,” he claimed. PTI

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