How good a leader are you? »

08:01 pm | Do the people I spend the most time with represent the kind of leader I want to be in five years? Are the people closest to me helping me grow into the leader God…

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Do this to improve your sermons every Sunday! »

09:30 am | So what, are we not suppose to use those terms at all? That’s not what I am saying. Using…

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10 tips to a great sermon introduction »

10:26 am | What happens if you bomb the sermon introduction? Lean in. Are you ready for this? Nothing, absolutely nothing, good…

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Pastor, take notice of these things in your sermon »

09:30 am | We preach to congregations who are influenced as much by what they read during the week as by what…

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Hurricane Harvey continues to pummel Texas; 20 dead »

09:30 am | United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines each said that they’ve airlifted supplies into or out of the city since Hurricane Harvey hit on Friday.…

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Lebanon set to elect president after 2 years’ stalemate »

04:17 pm | The 81-year-old Christian leader has won the support of two of his greatest rivals: Samir Geagea, leader of the Christian Lebanese Forces, and Sunni former premier Saad Hariri.…

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Churchgoers devastated by Palm Sunday church attack »

02:29 pm | For decades, Egypt’s Copts have felt discriminated against by the country’s Muslims, and assaults against them have intensified since the 2011 revolution — part of the Arab Spring uprisings — that ousted President Hosni Mubarak.…

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Coptic Christians

Philippine bishops preach against restoring death penalty »

11:25 am | The church leaders of the country which is about 80 per cent Catholic, issued the special homily in response to an effort spearheaded by President Rodrigo Duterte to bring back capital punishment which was abolished in 2006.…

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‘Christians most widely targeted religious group in world’ »

12:41 pm | Some of the worst persecution of Christians occurs in countries where they are isolated and which are largely closed off to outside research, the report said, countries like North Korea, Eritrea, Somalia, and Yemen.…

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India’s first pvt-sector built navigation satellite launch fails »

09:48 pm | The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is an independent regional system developed by India on par with the US-based GPS, Glonass of Russia, and Galileo developed by Europe.…

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Deadline for linking PAN with Aadhaar extended till Dec 31 »

09:41 pm | The source further said that people who do not have Aadhaar can file their Income Tax returns, but their returns will not…

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99% of demonetised notes returned to banking system: RBI »

08:47 pm | In his 15 August speech on the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi said that more than Rs 1.75 trillion deposited…

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21 killed in Mumbai building collapse » Mumbai braces for another day of rain’s fury »

News Headlines

Louis Farrakhan declares Jesus is his redeemer »

11:15 am | "So I say to the devil. I know I gotta pay a price for what I've been teaching all these years. You…

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Larry Trotter hospitalized with ‘serious illness,’ asks for prayers »

11:00 am | Church spokesman Sean Howard revealed in a statement last Friday that Trotter developed health issues while on a 10-day trip to Israel and was…

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Pastor set free by North Korea reveals suffering in jail » Hillary Clinton getting ready for new role as preacher? »

Musharraf declared proclaimed offender in Benazir assassination case »

08:20 pm | Bhutto, a two-time Prime Minister, was killed in a gun and bomb attack in Rawalpindi’s Liaquat Bagh during an election campaign rally on December 27, 2007. She was 54.…

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