ISIS systematically executes 50 men & women from US-allied tribe

isis-militantsFIFTY men and women have been killed by ISIS terrorists, according to a new report. The victims, members of the US-allied Alby Nimr tribe, were lined up and methodically shot.
The Christian Post reports that the execution occurred in the village of Ras al-Maa.
Anbar councilman Faleh al-Issawi said, “These killings are taking place almost on a daily basis now in the areas under the control of the Islamic State group and they will continue unless this terrorist group is stopped.”
Al-Issawi said that the men and women were killed for allegations that they had retaliated against ISIS for being forced out of their homes in October.
Jen Psaki, State Department spokesperson, condemned the executions. “We are deeply concerned by reports of mass executions of Sunni tribesmen in Anbar province by ISIL and strongly condemn the brutal actions that ISIL continues to perpetrate against the Iraqi people,” Psaki said.

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