Bishop slams govts for exploiting poor through sale of liquor

Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan

Maramon Convention 2011: Complete Coverage

Dr. Joseph Marthoma MetropolitanMARTHOMA church’s head Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan launched a stinging attack on governments that added revenue to their coffers through the sale of liquor in their states.

Inaugurating the 116th edition of the Maramon Convention, he said governments that earned revenue through the sale of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) did not have the progress and welfare of the people in their minds. Though the exercise could be dubbed as a huge revenue generator by the governments, he wondered if they ever thought of the progress of the nation in the first place.

No government should look at exploiting the poor and tapping their resources through the sale of IMFL. Such an exercise may add revenue to state coffers but it hindered the welfare of the very people whom the governments set out to serve, he said.

When tempests blow at us, the natural tendency of anyone is to confront God with questions. However, he said a believer must find out where he was in his relationship with God. Overcoming hurdles in life is possible only through divine grace, he reminded the gathering.

God threw a question at Adam and Eve when they lost their fellowship with their creator at the garden of Eden due to sin. He asked them ‘Where are you?’ Later, he would ask Cain, their first-born another question, ‘Where is your brother?’ These questions, the metropolitan said, were being asked of every man and woman even today.

The church had a great role in bringing the prodigal sons and daughters back to the fold, he said.

Marthoma Evangelistic Association’s president Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus presided over the meeting. Former principal and vice chancellor of the University of South Africa Prof. N Barney Pityana delivered the message at the inaugural day.

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