Bible Ministry encourages involvement in the Middle East

Unrest in Egypt: Protestors gather at Alexandria

Unrest in Egypt: Protestors gather at Alexandria

AN international Bible ministry, with many volunteers and staff based in regions undergoing political unrest and religious tensions, is encouraging the Christian community to see this time as pivotal for the growth of Christianity in these areas.

Bible League International, citing recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan, among others, says the time is ripe to act now to get the Gospel into these countries, which historically have not been pro-Christian nations.

“The changes occurring in the Middle East and North Africa at this time are giving the Christian Church an opportunity that it has not had in some time,” said a Bible League representative in the Middle East, whose name must be protected for security reasons.

“These developments all point to a historic moment, perhaps a kairos (or pivotal) moment, when the believers need to stand up and be counted.”

He listed specific instances which have affected the religious status quo as well as the political throughout the region:

** Violent protests in Egypt – particularly in Cairo, Suez, Alexandria and Luxor;

** A revolution in Tunisia which resulted in the president fleeing the country;

** A Cabinet reshuffle in Morocco, which is forcing Christians to live out their faith under threat of anti-proselytization laws and the expulsion of many ex-patriots;

** Suppression in Mauritania, including the martyrdom of an American missionary a year ago, and more recently the publication of the names and addresses of Christians in the newspaper and on the Internet;

** Changes in the air in Algeria, including two Christian churches’ planned broadcasting of their Sunday services on the 18th and 19th of February throughout the country;

** Unrest in Yemen;

** A referendum in Sudan which seeks to make the separation between the north and south permanent;

**The dissolving of the coalition in Lebanon which resulted in the formation of a new government, and ongoing protests in Lebanon and Jordan.

Bible League is asking that Christians pray for believers in these regions, that their faith will remain strong as they have unprecedented opportunities to share the love of Christ with those who are being affected by the political unrest. Bible League continues to work diligently to provide Bibles and training for these Christians during this time of upheaval.

Bible League International (BLI) is a non-profit evangelical Christian ministry currently working in more than 55 countries, dedicated to making disciples and training Bible study leaders and church planters using the Word of God.

BLI is one of the world’s largest evangelical, non-denominational organizations focusing on discipleship, partnering with local churches worldwide, training and equipping Christians to use the Bible to make disciples and establish new churches.

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