‘I want fellow Sikhs to know Jesus is the real God’

Kulbant Singh

Kulbant Singh(TILL he turned 68, Kulbant Singh considered Christianity to be a ‘foreign religion’. In his view, Christianity came to India from the outside. He thought the work of Christians was nothing more than propaganda. Although he knew what a church was and who a pastor was, he had heard nothing about Jesus Christ. All that changed some time ago when his wife Kaldeep Kaur was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors said she was in her last stage of the cancer. The wealthy family was shattered. When Kulbant Singh thought his wife’s life was all but over, the love of Jesus Christ came calling through a Christian neighbor. Today, Kulbant’s entire Sikh family is in the Lord. Editor)


MY wife Kaldeep Kaur was diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago. We went to several hospitals and spent a huge amount on her treatment. She was bedridden and the movement of her limbs became very limited. Doctors treating her said it is impossible for her to live any longer. They said since she was in the last stage of cancer, it would be a miracle if she lived for two weeks. That was in February. We got her discharged from the hospital and came back to our home in Jammu. There was a sense of doom and despair in the family. But we tried to appear as though we were in good spirits just for the sake of Kaldeep. She was on her deathbed and we wanted her last days to be pleasant and painless.

One day, a neighbor Shrimathi Somadevi visited our home. We knew Somadevi as a Christian. She tried to infuse hope in us by telling us about the power of prayer. She said Jesus Christ can heal Kaldeep. Until that time, we had not heard of that name. Of course, we knew Christians and thought they were a bunch of people following a foreign religion. So, who’s this Jesus we asked her. Somadevi patiently told us about Jesus and said my wife Kaldeep Kaur will be healed if we all prayed to Jesus. We thought we had nothing to lose by praying to Jesus. We had prayed to our gurus, spent a fortune on her treatment and practically given up hope. So, if there is a way out for us, why not try it out, we reasoned among ourselves. The next day was a Sunday. We accompanied Somadevi to her church and attended the service. The pastors Joginder and Parveen told us about Jesus Christ and His power. At our request, the pastors prayed for my wife. Miraculously, within a few weeks she regained her limbs’ movement. She started eating and regained strength to sit up on her bed. Slowly, she was healed. It was amazing. The doctors’ prediction had proved to be false. Jesus Christ had healed my wife!

It didn’t take us much time after that to remove all idols from our house. My wife and I accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.

After this miracle, God started working in the life of our oldest son. He was an alcoholic who was wasting his life away. However, through the power of the Lord he quit drinking. God has done great things in our lives and cleansed our sins. Nobody who had seen the condition of my wife earlier and who know of her healing can deny that Jesus Christ is God. Although we were financially well-off, we had debts. We supply milk and also have a bus transportation business. However, there was no financial blessing. Now, there is peace in the family. We are able to see for ourselves that our income has increased.

Most of our own people from the Sikh community are happy for us although some neighbors and villagers snigger at us behind our back for accepting Jesus. Who can rein in a loose tongue? We do not worry about people who talk ill of us. The church has taught us to pray even for those who oppress and persecute us.

Now, even though we are growing in the Lord I share my testimony wherever I go. Recently, I went to Punjab where many of our relatives are under the yoke of sin. I witnessed about Jesus to a few of them in our ancestral village. Oh, how I wish they know and accept Jesus Christ. It is my burden that Sikhs will come to Christ in the coming days. They must know who the real God is. Please pray for our spiritual growth and our brethren in Punjab and Jammu.

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