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Bibi: Media’s friend or fiend? A secret uncovered from 1997

In the meeting and predominantly after the meeting, I became convinced that the Director of the Communications and Policy Planning was already briefed and instructed to reject TCW, long before I came into the room.

The Middle East conundrum: No good news!

In the current world situation the US pledges nuclear protection against a nuclear Russian and Iranian assault (or other threatening nations). Not an all-out attack by American ground forces or US troops.

Israel heads for elections as cabinet breaks up

Israeli law demands election campaigns need to be held 90 days from when the government is dissolved.

Galilee church where Jesus ‘fed 5,000’ hit by arson attack

The Galilee church was built in the 1980s on the site of ancient places of worship that commemorated the spot where Jesus fed 5,000 people with the loaves and fish.

Netanyahu scores a decisive victory in Israel elections

WITH 99 percent of the ballots counted by Wednesday morning, it was clear that Benjamin Netanyahu had for the fourth time been elected as Israel’s prime minister.

Iran will always be an enemy of America, Netanyahu warns US

Netanyahu, a right-wing politician who has played up his security credentials ahead of a closely contested March 17 election in Israel, had denied his speech would have any design other than national survival.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress: Full Transcript

A better deal that won't give Iran an easy path to the bomb. A better deal that Israel and its neighbors may not like, but with which we could live, literally.

Rajnath Singh to woo Israeli defence industries to ‘make in India’

Rajanth Singh was scheduled to meet Israeli President ReuvenRivlin, Premier Netanyahu and defence minister Moshe Ya'alon on Wednesday in a rare gesture reserved for leaders from most friendly or strategic countries.

Barack Obama, other leaders congratulate Modi

OBAMA told Modi that the largest democracy in the world had given a decisive mandate. The US leader also expressed the hope that under Modi’s leadership, India would play a significant role on the global stage.

Ariel Sharon, defender of a strong Israel, dies at 85

Ariel Sharon, one of the most influential figures in Israel’s history, a military commander and political leader who at the height of his power redrew the country’s electoral map, only to suffer a severe stroke from which he never recovered, died Saturday in a hospital near Tel Aviv. He was 85.
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Church celebrates 500 years of Christianity in Bangladesh

More than 8,000 Catholics, 100 priests, 120 nuns and 10 bishops from all over the country including Bishop Lumen Monteiro of Tripura, a northeast Indian state attended it.

Slumdogs’ Preacher