Of end times, anti-Christ and Israel peace plan


By Don Davis

WHENEVER an Israel-Palestine peace plan appears significantly possible, people begin speculation on the end times, charismatic individuals, their role in the peace treaty, and if an individual involved is the anti-christ.

There have been many articles with claims that certain individuals associated with prior and existing peace plans might have a correlation with the anti-christ, the end times and the seven-year peace treaty in the Book of Daniel.

As for the Israeli-Palestine peace plan; anything is possible and I’m hopeful for peace in the Middle East region. But I’m as well quite skeptical of a treaty being approved by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israelis because there is the reality of stinging, monumental gaps.

In the meantime, the parties engaged in the peace plan might do something very pro-PR, short-term or superficial to signify progress or a win. In fact, each of the leaders, Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump need positive news to balance the persistent onslaught of negative incidents and press.

But, aside from the American administration forcing Israel and the PA into a deal, moreover including massive funds, remedying dire regional security issues, and other promises, there is much to overcome. And what remains to be resolved is extensively dynamic.

I want to repeat that the Americans could ‘strong–arm’ or force Israel and the PA into a deal. PA President Abbas is purportedly ineffectual, has supposedly limited inspiration on how to handle a ‘tough guy’ like Donald Trump, and Prime Minister Netanyahu has prospective legal woes in addition to being between a rock and a hard place with the Israelis wanting some kind of a peace deal.

Except it should be noted that Prime Minister Netanyahu should not be counted out, because after all he is a political survivor.

Now, I know it’s risky to publish something before President Trump’s ‘new’ peace plan is released or revealed. However, even if the plan is wonderful and exceptional, Israel and the PA leadership’s behavior are normally predictable and settling any peace plan is a major undertaking.

Unless, neither Prime Minister Netanyahu, because of legal challenges, and President Abbas, he’s 82 nearly 83, are not in office. As a result, some kind of a compromise could be required or reached.

Although would this specific agreement relate to the end times? I’m not persuaded yet.

Why? Because I’m not convinced ‘interpreted’ prophecy applies to this current peace initiative. Or if this treaty, during this time in history, relates to the antichrist, called the Beast, as stated in Daniel 9:27.

Besides, there might be regional Israeli peace or peace in the area before Daniel chapter 9 occurs, particularly if the Arab Nations begin to trade and/or recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Furthermore, there might be a balance-altering war in the region in the not far future entangling USA, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Hezbollah, Islamic State, Iran, Hamas, Israel and others. If it happens, this war would be a profound game-changer in many respects and likewise mutate geography, population and environment due to potential usage of bio/chemical and nuclear weapons. For that reason, no one can accurately theorize on the outcome.

One more point, the present scenarios of the political atmosphere and combined militaries in the region do not appear to parallel with the war prophecy parameters of Ezekiel 38. So, these next few weeks, months and years may instead render something unforeseen by most.

Concerning the final anti-christ called, the Beast. This is what we know in the Scriptures:

Daniel 7 – diverse, dreadful, devours the earth, speaks against the most High, wears out the saints, and nearly everything is in his hand

Daniel 8 – takes away daily sacrifice, understanding dark sentences (powers) and will destroy the mighty and holy people, cause craft to prosper

2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 – Beast that exalts himself as God (and attempts to be God in the Third Temple)

Revelation 13 – Satan gives him his power and throne, and people follow him, has deadly wound that has healed (lives despite death wound or possible rising from the dead)

It is also suggested that the Beast might be Jewish as scripture does record the following about ‘God of his fathers’: Daniel 11: 37-39 – He shall regard neither the God of his fathers, nor women, (this reference to women has led to assumptions that he might be gay, a eunuch, a recluse or some kind of religious-type celibate priest), in his estate he shall honor the God of Forces; and a god whom his father’s knew not, thus he shall do in the most strong hold with a strange god.

On the other hand, various predict the antichrist is Gentile and may claim to be Christian, in the beginning is pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, helping in restoring the land, sovereignty, religion, possibly assisting in rebuilding the Third Temple, and then he violently turns against Christianity and Judaism.

What’s more the Daniel 8 prophecy indicates that there must be an undeniable setting; a Third Temple, conditions to allow a Third Temple or a place where there’s going to be daily sacrificing or there is daily sacrificing.

Nevertheless, all prophecy concerning the end times must fit, not part, not what we choose to make fit, but all prophecy must correspond in order for the Beast to be revealed.

As far as real Middle East peace in our time, in the right conditions we could have peace, and this era in history could be near the end times.

However people should not be shocked, and prepared to deal with it, if it’s not.

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Don Davis has over 20 years experience in analytic research particularly regarding Israeli, Middle Eastern culture, behavior and historical patterns. Don is based in Israel, from where he monitors and evaluates worldwide information on finance, technologies, industries, and the military/political environment for a US consulting company.

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