Dear Mary


alabaster-jar“Shame on you Mary,

You’re not worth Him,

You are mistaken clearly,

Seeing you won’t bring a smile above His chin.

You laid your life to other men,

You lived your days like in a den,

Then in city you saw Him come in,

Now, you go fall at His feet.”

These are the words of the world,

All from hearts bitter and cold,

But know now you this,

That you are always His.

“Glory on you Mary,

You are My child,

You are not mistaken, dearly

I call you to be Mine.

Heeding My voice,

You laid your life at My feet,

You will never regret this choice,

With open arms; come in, I greet.

You broke your precious jar,

You laid all you’ve had thus far,

Eternity is yours,

No more tears,

No more fears,

You’re in the book of records.”

The poem was penned by Sriya Aamuri.

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