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Tim Laffoon
Tim Laffoon

Tim Laffoon
Tim Laffoon

THE AG Web Services continues to assist the Assemblies of God in building and expanding its online ministry.

Since the program was launched in June 2006, AG Web Services, which provides free websites for Assemblies of God churches and ministries, has nearly 4,500 websites activated to date.

With more than 75 percent of all Americans using the Internet on a regular basis, Tim Laffoon, AG Web Services project director, believes it is important that AG Ministries are utilizing this communication tool to share and expand the gospel.

“Our goal from the very beginning,” Laffoon says, “was to partner with our churches, missionaries and district offices to help build communications, build relationships and build His kingdom within their communities.”

It is well documented that the success of a website is dependent on keeping it up-to-date, by posting the latest updates frequently, which is an easy process with AG Web Services.

Clients can use a Web-based software tool to edit their site on any computer once the site has been created. The software also allows multiple administrative users, so that more than one individual can manage the site.

AG Web Services sites provide clients with the ability to post events, photos and prayer requests and praise reports, as well as upload sermons and music to an audio player. ‘AG News’ articles and daily devotionals, that are updated automatically, are also available to post on the website.

Not only does AG Web Services provide the tools, but they also offer a variety of support options which include e-mail support, a dedicated support website that offers help documentation and training videos as well as ‘Live Help’ support.

“I think the most important element of what we offer through AG Web Services is a dedicated support team to assist the local church,” Laffoon says. “It is one thing to have a set of tools to use, but if you don’t understand how to use them or have someone to step in and assist you, the tools are not very effective.”

All of the software tools, along with the support options, are offered at no cost to AG ministries. This can help a client save hundreds of dollars each year, enabling them to put those funds back into their ministry.

For those who might be intimidated or overwhelmed on how to get started, AG Web Services offers a ‘Web Site Starter Package’ for a small fee. This package enables clients to submit all of the content they want on the site, and the knowledgeable AG Web Services staff designs the entire site, eliminating set-up work on the part of the client.

Once the site is complete, the AG Web Services staff trains the client to maintain and update their information in the future.

If you would like more information about the service, or to activate a free site, click here. A demo site can also be viewed by clicking here.

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