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Dinesh D’Souza quits as head of Christian college amid row

Dinesh Dsouza

DINESH D’Souza resigned as president of The King’s College after a magazine story revealed that he was engaged to another woman while still married to his wife of 20 years.

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‘Shaming sex customers effective against trafficking’

A California advocate against human trafficking says the method of shaming men who buy sex is a helpful tool to fight against traffickers.

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Angels line up at Barnes & Noble!

AT this time of year, with ghosts and goblins preparing to make their annual appearance for Halloween, it seems everything having to do with the spiritual realm is dark and sinister.

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10,000 young Egyptians gather in desert to worship the Lord

Coptic Christians

INCREASED persecution, the election of a Muslim Brotherhood president, the death of the Coptic Orthodox Church pope and thousands fleeing their homeland in fear of an uncertain future.

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Family-focused ministry creates lasting impact in churches

ASSSEMBLIES of God pastors across the US are integrating children’s material into their standard services, and teaching the same biblical topics for all age groups simultaneously.

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Obama winner in round 2 of US presidential debate: polls

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday scored a clear victory over Mitt Romney in the high-stake second presidential debate, putting up a combative performance as he slammed his Republican presidential rival on issues like outsourcing and Libya.

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Christian ministry helps people in war-torn Syria

Syria women

OPEN Doors USA is hearing from some of the churches about the masses of displaced families who were forced out of their homes and left homeless, living in public parks or the wilderness.

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Billy Graham tells Romney: ‘I’ll do all I can to help you’

Mitt Romney with Billy Graham

AHEAD of a Thursday night campaign rally in North Carolina, Mitt Romney made an impromptu stop to meet with the Rev. Billy Graham and his son, Franklin, at the reverend’s home outside Asheville.

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100 ways we deny Christ

John Dillard

AS watered down Believers we are led by Satan to believe that the only time we deny Christ is when a gun is pointed at our head and we are asked “Are you a Christian?” But nothing could be further from the truth for we deny Christ many more times that we might ever believe.

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America one of the fastest growing mission fields: magazine

AMERICA is one of the fastest-growing mission fields in the world, the most recent issue of Unfinished magazine says, but if Christians are not careful they will miss opportunities to reach their “least reached neighbors.”

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