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New book says how God redeems, restores and cherishes us

WHEN Kim Cash Tate began writing 'Cherished', she had no idea that a real life story paralleling that in her book was about to unfold. In 2009, Christian rapper Da'T.R.U.T.H. released a statement announcing a sabbatical from music ministry and teaching.
Burqa-clad women

Netherlands to ban face-covering burqa

DUTCH prime minister Mark Rutte has said that his government has drawn up a legislation to ban face-covering veils worn by some Muslim women.
Muslims street prayers

France bans Muslim street prayers

FRANCE has banned street prayers by Muslims with effect from Friday. As a result of the ban, thousands of the nation’s Muslims moved to temporary alternative spaces to offer prayers.
Algerian Christians

Is religious freedom attainable for Algeria’s Christians?

FOLLOWING reports in May of churches closing and a Christian being issued a five year prison sentence for blasphemy, there is finally some positive news coming out of Algeria.
Israeli and Palestinian boys

Genetic links between Palestinians and Jews surprise many

IN some of the dry and dusty Palestinian and Bedouin villages they still circumcise their boys after the seventh day. Hidden away in some Palestinian homes are Jewish mezuzahs and tefillin.
Mathews George

The most dangerous time in your life

HERE is one of crucial aspect of church. Gathering combines our spiritual strength in prayer. The Bible indicates that agreement in prayer with other believers gains favor with God.
hand on TV remote

It’s time to tune your TV!

DON’T let the TV control you, is an oft-heard phrase in many homes not necessarily Christian. Parents who are at work are worried sick about what their at-home children are watching on TV.
hand on TV remote

We need to teach the church to invest in films and TV

THE opportunity for Christian filmmakers to spread the Gospel through TV, especially through the Doordarshan network has increased over the years. This is because Doordarshan channels have increased manifold over the years.

Why does so much trash exist on our TV channels?

IN 1993, when ‘Bible ki kahaniya’ (Stories from the Bible) was telecast on Doordarshan the Christian community in India thought the Great Indian Epic that had roots in their own Scriptures had arrived.

‘TV channels promote Santa more than Jesus on Christmas’

MOST of the time shows of only Hindu families are shown on national TV. Once in a while they may show Christian families and that too where the father and son in a family are shown as drinking and partying.
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Nine killed in police firing in anti-Sterlite agitation in Thoothukudi

The chief minister also announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the families of each of those killed, Rs 3 lakh to those seriously injured, and Rs 1 lakh for people who suffered minor injuries.