‘2/3 of American teens want their virginity back’


TWO-THIRDS of teenagers wish they had their virginity back, a survey by OneHope, a youth ministry based in the US said.

The OneHope ministry was founded in 1987 by missionary Bob Hoskins.

As many as 5,108 randomly selected youth between ages 13 and 18 were surveyed about their beliefs, values and spirituality.

Out of the total number of persons surveyed, 61 percent said they would like to be virgins when they get married, but 50 percent consider an unmarried man and woman a family.

While 82 percent believe God intended marriage to last a lifetime, 76 percent approve of divorce when children are involved.

In the survey, about 80 percent cite parents as having a strong influence over their thoughts and actions. However, 34 percent spend less than 15 minutes a week talking with their fathers about things that matter.

While 57 percent believe being good people and doing good deeds will get you into heaven, 52 percent believe spiritual development is not necessary for a satisfying life.

While 65 percent believe truth is relative, 69 percent watch MTV on a weekly basis, the survey findings said.

Talking about the survey, OneHope Vice President of Global Ministries Chad Causey said: “There is a lot of research about young people, but when do we hear directly from them. That’s why OneHope conducts research around the world, asking youth themselves what impacts them most.  We use this research to better understand their needs, meet them at their points of pain and bring them hope through media experiences conveying God’s love.”

The organization also makes its research available free of charge to nonprofits and governments worldwide at SpiritualStateoftheChildren.com.

The research contains country-specific research reports, analyses, photos and other information about the spiritual state of children and youth.  The website currently includes research on 36 countries.  OneHope plans to expand the research to an additional 10 countries by the end of 2011.

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