Why tithing increases your net worth!


THERE’S THE story of a Forex trader who wanted to become a millionaire by age 25.

He asked a spiritual leader who was a one time a wealthy businessman how he could become one. 

Here was the leader’s response:

“Donate 10% of your income, save 30% of your income, and practice meditation on prosperity every day for one year, and you will certainly become a millionaire by the age of 30.”


Could it be that there is a prospering power of tithing many in the Body of Christ are unaware?

Could it be that financial well being is just a matter of missing something small?

Let’s find out!

Tithing: God’s Way to Abundance?

Tithing is simply this:

“The 10th part of income that is given back to God.”

Nothing more, nothing less.

When the Bible speaks about the tithe it uses the Hebrew word “maaser”(pronounced mah-as-ayr‘). This is “maaser” in Hebrew: מַעֲשֵׂר

Quick note: in English words are read from left to right, in Hebrew words are read from right to left.

The Hebrew language is a language of root words. Prefixes and suffixes are added to build on the meaning of the root word.

So in this word “Maaser” (מַעֲשֵׂר) the first letter mem (מ) conveys this meaning: Changing a verb into the noun of that word. For example: adding mem “to preach” (verb) turns it into “preacher” (noun).

Now taking away mem (מ)  from “maaser” we’re left with “aser” ( עֲשֵׂר) which means “rich.” So another way of interpreting “maaser” (מַעֲשֵׂר) is:

“The rich is in the tithe…”


“The one tithing becomes rich.”

Again: whoa!

While many other cultures see tithing as a con, joke, or a hoax, the Jewish culture sees it completely different. In Jewish culture tithing is considered an ancient formula for becoming wealthy.

In the Talmud (their extra biblical text( it says: “Aser bedevil shetisasher” or “Tithe so that you will become rich” (Taanit 9a)

In other words, tithing is a partnership between the giver and God. The giver partners with God in helping the world, God partners with the giver in business affairs.

Paul (himself a Jew) echoes a similar sentiment when he says we “are laborers together with God.” (1 Cor 3:9)

To sum it up:

When you tithe in faith, trusting God to take care of you, and giving Him ownership of your finances THAT’S when He can begin to truly prosper you. It won’t be with money coming from the sky. Nothing like that.

But it will be…

  • Business ideas
  • Ways to better manage money
  • Favor with others who can promote and increase

…and much much more.

But don’t take my word for it, what have been your experiences with tithing?


Mike Holmes is the Founder of Tithehacker.org. The purpose of the site is to increase the financial literacy of the Body of Christ. Mike used the principles of Tithing and Stewardship to tithing from unemployment checks to a 6-figure-income. Feel free to check out a free resource: “What is Tithing: The Definitive Guide “They” Don’t Want You to Have .”

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