Why does Israel always get the bad press?


Facts you didn’t know in Arab-Israeli PR battle!


By Don Davis

MANY people believe Israel is an influential country that competes with the United States, European Union, Japan, India, China and Russia.

Furthermore, Israel is frequently ‘credited’, particularly in the Arab world, of manipulating worldwide government policies, monetary decisions and triggering Middle East (or world) tribulations.

All this really began when Abram (Abraham) went from his birthplace of Ur of the Chaldees (debated whether in Syria, Turkey or Iraq) to the land of Canaan which was part of present-day Israel (Genesis 11:31, 12:5-7 and Genesis 15:18). Later, in Numbers 34:1-12, Deuteronomy 11:24 and Ezekiel 47:15-20 God described the boundaries to be inherited by the Israelites which are the family members of Jacob, who is also named Israel, the grandson of Abraham.

To illustrate the extent of the land God promised, the country of Israel would encompass their current borders, moreover, extend west to include all of Sinai peninsula and part of Egypt to the Nile, continue south covering about a third of Saudi Arabia, extend east to include all of Jordan, half of Iraq to the river Euphrates, continue north to include Lebanon, nearly all of Syria, part of Turkey, possibly the Island of Cyprus, and some historians and theologians suggest even more land. But, according to historical records it seems the sons of Israel (Israelites) never fully obtained their allotted inheritance.

After a few thousand years of war, deportation, and extermination, Israel was recreated on May 14, 1948. Thereby, establishing the country as a Jewish State for survivors of World War II, and reestablishing the homeland for the remnant of Jews living in the region.

Then within 24 hours after Israel’s declaration of Independence the regular armies of the neighboring Arab nations of Egypt, Jordan (Transjordan), Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and enforcement from Saudi Arabia invaded. Hot and Cold Arab/Israeli conflicts and boycotts have continued to this very moment despite the existence of ‘peace treaties’ and ‘peace talks’.

What does the data reflect today?

Modern Israel is nothing compared to the biblical description, neither to the misconceptions. Contrary to belief, only 17 to 23 percent of Jewish Israelis are religious, and all recognized faiths have full freedom of worship and access to all religious sites under Israeli control.

Also, Israel has non-Jewish Israeli citizens and residents, who have jobs, can vote in authentic, transparent, democratic elections. They enjoy gender equality rights, participate in educational facilities, and utilize national services including health and unemployment. All Jews are required to serve in the military or national service, and some Arabs (Christian and Muslim), Bedouins, Druze and other faiths participate in the Israeli government, national and army service. Other organizations, both Israeli Jewish and Arab, assertively fight for human rights and Palestinian rights.

Israel is a teeny country with a tiny population.  Their total population is 7.7 million but the Jewish population is only 5.8 million.

The next largest percentage of Israel’s population is the 1.5 million Arabs, followed by Druze, Circassians, Samaritans, Christians, Bahia, Hindus, and Buddhist (not necessarily in that order).

By comparison to North American states and territories (by square miles):

  • Israel’s 8,367 sq mi are 19 times smaller than California’s 163,696 sq mi
  • Israel is slightly smaller than Vancouver Island
  • Israel is about the size of New Jersey
  • But Israel’s population is about 3 million people less than New York City (City Proper)

Compared to countries in the European Union (by square kilometers):

  • Israel’s 21,672 sq km are 25 times smaller than France’s 551,695 sq km
  • Israel is 16 times smaller than Germany
  • 23 times smaller than Spain
  • But Israel’s population is 1.5 million less than the city of London (Greater London)

In contrast to India:

  • Israel is 151 times smaller and would fit easily in the territories of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  • Israel’s population is about half of the city of Mumbai (Municipality)

Now, compared to the surrounding Arab countries:

  • The population in Lebanon is half of Israel but Hezbollah has more rockets than most states
  • Lebanon’s 10,452 sq km is half of Israel’s 21,672 sq km
  • Jordan’s population is 6.4 million, “Palestinians constitute a half of the population of Jordan” *  (* Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics)
  • Jordan is 4 times larger than Israel. Jordanian and Palestinian flags are almost exactly the same
  • Syria’s population of 22 million is 2.8 times more than Israel
  • Syria is 40 times larger than Israel
  • Saudi Arabia’s population of 27 million is 3.5 times more than Israel
  • Saudi Arabia is 99 times larger than Israel
  • Iraq’s population of 31 million is 4 times more than Israel
  • Iraq is 20 times larger than Israel
  • Egypt’s population of 77 million (91% Egyptian) is 10 times more than Israel
  • The Arab Republic of Egypt is 46 times larger than Israel
  • Iran’s population of almost 78 million is over 10 times more than Israel
  • Iran is 76 times larger than Israel.

Consequently, according to known statistics, the combined seven surrounding Arab countries cited in this article are roughly 285 times larger than Israel, and the 240 million populations vastly outnumber Israel’s 5.8 million Jews.

Plus, the collective Arab Gross Domestic Product Purchasing Power Parity is estimated at approximately $2.2 trillion compared to Israel’s $219 billion. The public relations equation is further increased by ownership and broadcasts of worldwide Arab (Arabic) media, and the existence of other Islamic nations hostile to Israel. That brings a total Muslim population to between 1.2 and 1.6 billion worldwide as well as much greater wealth (that is not in hidden or in offshore accounts).

Of course, we really don’t know how much wealth is actually in many Muslim nations for various reasons such as an unpredictable leadership, secretive monarchies, self-proclaimed presidents (dictators), or else western or eastern financed so-called ‘democratic presidents’.

However, no matter how you tally the combined Jewish wealth and population globally, whether 12 million people or a maximum of 18 million, they are overwhelmed by staggering Muslim statistics.

Nonetheless, despite that Israel and the Jews are a minuscule community in relation to worldwide demographics, and that they stanchly defend democracy, freedom of worship, and equality rights for women amidst substantial regional odds. Regardless, that they support human rights (including for Palestinians), and have an open society, a self-critiquing culture and a free press. Yet, they are regularly charged with causing or engineering the collapse of countries and banks, a regular scapegoat for killings and assignations, and supposedly responsible for nearly every conspiracy since Jesus Christ walked the earth.

Additionally, what is tragically referred to as ‘Arab Spring’ has created an illusion that something optimistic will emerge from the North Africa and Middle East mayhem. We hope so, but historical patterns and evidence reveal that only the strongest (and brutal) religious or tribal factions thrive successfully. For that reason, unless there is strong leadership and intervention by United States and the European Union an intense, dark uncertainty (of collapse) both politically and economically will occur in the countries presently in turmoil.

Unfortunately, the instability is expected to spread further into Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Organized terror groups and Muslim extremist parties are preparing to assume power violently and in the guise of ‘democracy’ in all North Africa and the Middle East. Exactly like what Hamas did in Gaza in 2006/2007 and with Iran going atomic, radicals will soon have a nuclear umbrella.

Therefore, based on the sheer scale of data pertaining to Arab country:

  • Dimensions
  • Populations
  • Assets
  • Control and ownership of worldwide medias
  • Control and censorship of local press
  • Unfriendly, unpredictable and unreliable to the west
  • Intolerable of western culture
  • Exclusion of women, and harsh assaults on women as a behavior penalty
  • Religious laws, religious site and worship restrictions, and religious persecutions
  • Secrecy and resistance to transparency
  • Behavior of military and government ‘officials’
  • Behavior of extremists
  • And the birth place of many high profile terrorists

The information would more accurately indicate a much higher probability of Arabs:

  • Causing or engineering the collapse of countries, banks and financial systems (including oil)
  • A regular schemer in killings and assignations (including terror and funding terrorism)
  • Murdering and torturing their own citizens who protest for democracy, human rights and religious liberties

And, possibly responsible for nearly every conspiracy created to malign and isolate the Jews and Israel for the benefit of Muslim extremists, in addition to deflect attention away from their own deplorable action and behavior.

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Don Davis has over 20 years experience in analytic research particularly regarding Israeli, Middle Eastern culture, behavior and historical patterns. Don is based in Israel, from where he monitors and evaluates worldwide information on finance, technologies, industries, and the military/political environment for a US consulting company. 

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