What exactly was King Ahab’s wrongdoing?


king-ahabBy Robin Sam

IF YOU carefully examine the passage in 1 Kings 20, you would notice that Ahab did not one but five wrongdoings.

  1. When he was expected to annihilate the enemy, he made a treaty with him (verse 34)
  2. He consulted with God about his steps and strategies when he went to the battle the first time. The second time, however, we don’t see him seeking God for His direction. Even when victory was a foregone conclusion on both occasions, he did not seek to know the mind of the Lord.
  3. He ignored the counsel given by God in verse 22.
  4. He made the foolish mistake of calling his enemy, Ben-Hadad, his ‘brother’ and treated him like an equal (verse 32). Don’t call the cultists, even when they come carrying a Bible and in the garb of Christianity, your brothers or sisters. When you know those who come up against you are hated and forsaken by the Lord, don’t dare to make them you are co-equal. (Also read 2 Timothy 4:14).
  5. He was busy, here and there.

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