We are not BJP’s mask, says Anna aide Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind KejriwalTEAM Anna hit back at Digvijay Singh today asserting that their movement was a people’s movement and it had nothing to do with any political party.

Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare aide, rejected Singh’s description that the anti-corruption crusader was the ‘mask of all anti-Congress parties’. Singh had also alleged that Team Anna was pursuing votebank politics.

Speaking at a public gathering at Arya Nagar in Hisar, Kejriwal said: “It is not votebank politics, but politics for the people.”

He said some people were trying to create an impression that their movement had the backing of the RSS and the BJP.

“These are wild and baseless allegations and there is no truth in them. Our movement is a people’s movement and we want it to remain so. Our main agenda is to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed and continue with our fight against corruption. We have nothing to do with any political party,” he said.

Team Anna has asked voters in Hisar ahead of the October 13 Lok Sabha by-elections to vote against the Congress for not bringing the Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament.

Targeting Hazare, Digvijay Singh said he was being misled by people who are against weaker sections and reservation. He contended that Kejriwal has been known for his anti-reservation policy.

“Anna is being led up the garden path by all those people who are basically opposed to the idea of Congress, weaker sections and reservation,” he said.

Denying Singh’s charges, Kejriwal said: “Some people say we are doing politics. We have been saying from the beginning that we are doing politics, but it is not the votebank politics, but politics for the people.”

Till the time the Bill is not passed in Parliament, their agitation will continue, he added.

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