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dateline-israel-newBy Don Davis

WE are in another world war. Not like before with constant, high profile battles and clear cut good and evil. Instead, this world war stems from ‘religion cultural rights’ and has consistent but unpredictable, nondiscriminatory terror that will progress into weapons of mass destruction.

This time the enemy is shrewd by applying their widespread ‘religion culture’ to condone and initiate strikes, sometimes from inside our own communities. While all the time the ‘religionists’ terrorists and terror states use democracy-style yet allegedly corrupt mob movements (which is supposedly common practice in the Middle East) to initiate change to suit their goals. Simultaneously, they use the international legal system to keep from being forcefully avenged along with the western curse of politically correct behavior to prevent total retaliation. And, don’t think the radicals are finished yet. Egypt is oscillating, Syria is on fire, Lebanon will follow, Jordan is next and Saudi Arabia is in their sights.

In addition, USA must assume everything in this region and Asia has been compromised and they must immediately act accordingly. Many of the worldwide Arab communities and sects have combined their resources in an unprecedented manner for a common goal to destroy USA’s dominance in the region and destroy Israel from existence (due to similar interests, violent peer pressure, fear of reprisals from a future nuclear-armed Iran, and bribes). This includes Arabs who claim to be our friends and have been trained, work or live with, or around US interests domestically and internationally both currently and in the past.

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However, we know, and I know from experience, not all Muslims agree with the violent edge of what is referred to as radical Islam. But, even if a Muslim is moderate, they are normally afraid to stand against a radical as they too will be killed. This also explains why few moderate Muslims spoke out when USA relinquished their power in the Middle East and in turn the radical Muslims, in addition to Iran, filled the vacuum. Consequently, when the Arab nations in the region finally understand (if they haven’t before now) that the USA doesn’t have the timeline, drive or the ability to act in stabilizing the region, the moderate Arabs will have no choice other than to join with Iran and the radicals in order to save themselves.

The question has been asked how all this could happen? Well, we dropped the ball and didn’t keep our eye on Al Qaeda thinking they were nearly dead. After Osama bin Laden was killed Al Qaeda was willing to work with anyone to get revenge and Iran is the perfect ally. But in addition, Al Qaeda was rumored to have collaborated with many other groups to get information and is trying to compromise all US installations in the Europe/Asia/Middle East Theater of Operations.  You can be assured terrorists will try and strike as many US installations overseas as possible, including embassies, bases and investments.  The latest attacks in Libya and Egypt was allegedly proof of that, and the attacks were pre-planned.  I personally read a specific and credible terror bulletin posted on the Internet that warned of an imminent attack against American interests in both Libya and Egypt twelve hours before the strikes were reported on the news. Other analyst claim they read the bulletin 48 hours before the attack. To make matters worse, someone (whether American sources or international) purportedly reported the attack was due to a video and this misinformation (or lie)) caused more mayhem, death and destruction.

Unfortunately, the attacks should have been foreseen as killing Osama was an open invitation to Al Qaeda and Muslim wrath directed towards our leadership and any US institution abroad. Plus, terror-type activity will increase and elevate with violent demonstrations and attacks prior to the US elections to spite the Obama administration. This also played nicely into Iran’s plans as any conflict in the Middle East and surrounding continents will help keep US preoccupied and their forces and resources split.

Regrettably, things are not going to get better anytime soon, only much worse. How long things are bad depends on how soon USA acts to stop it.

Now, I know the upcoming US election is important. The economy is very important but US security is paramount and ignoring vulnerabilities and protection is counterproductive and deadly. This is what Israel understands and deals with daily, hourly, minute by minute. The relentless attack from radical Muslims that illustratively are like fire ants; acting in numbers, focused in thought, behavior and goals willing to give up lives of adults, teens and children for their religion and culture, and won’t stop nor comprehending compromise for human rights and the sanctity of life until they have victory.

So what have we learned from this? Maybe the leadership has come to the conclusion that it’s time to change the rules of warfare. Otherwise, we might all end up being prisoners in our own homes, offices and communities, both physically and verbally, for fear of random attacks. Because our lives, rights, interests, cultures and leadership are being challenged and vulnerable to permanent loss from terrorists and terror states that have no respect for human rights, free speech, change and freedom of choice of anything other than their ideas of life.

In other words, fight radicalism as a real full-blown war. Armies cannot continually fight defensive wars. Armies must fight offensive wars especially because Al Qaeda has made US leadership both domestic and foreign a priority target. So unless leaders both governmental and military want to live in prison-type conditions for the rest of their lives, then they need to change the rules of warfare in order to save our culture, way of living and in turn save the moderate Muslims from turning into radicals.

We can only hope USA will use the same vigilance, planning and focus as they did in World War II which brought about victory over the vile enemies of freedom and human rights without taking away our individual right to worship. Because this ultimately may mean outlawing or curtailing certain religious beliefs or behavior in order to effectively stop the radical Muslim therefore we must be careful. International religious restrictions might start with Islam but it won’t end there and as a result comes with a stern warning. What happens to the stanch Muslim can also happen to the pure in faith in every religion including devoted Christians and those dedicated to Judaism.

Many in Israel already believe they are treated abusively by the world community because they belong to a religious race and live in a Jewish State. Furthermore, Christian ‘rights’ worldwide are being challenged at alarming rates. Maybe they will be besieged next in the future sometime, because a traumatic assault on Israel and harsh Christian persecution are Biblical prophecy.

Writer’s note: Excerpts from this report written September 17, 2012 were first published on September 18, 2012 on an exclusive confidentiality list.

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Don Davis has over 20 years experience in analytic research particularly regarding Israeli, Middle Eastern culture, behavior and historical patterns. Don is based in Israel, from where he monitors and evaluates worldwide information on finance, technologies, industries, and the military/political environment for a US consulting company.

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