The Palestinian dilemma

Modern Israel, including Judea and Samaria also known as the West Bank, Gaza and parts of Jordan came from the land mass commonly referred to as 'Syria' and 'Arabia' and eventually, the 'Palestine Territory'.


By Don Davis

I have some advice for Mahmoud Abbas.

As fast as you can, take any peace deal in order to get the protection it entails before the world discovers the truth.

Under the Trump Administration, it is highly unlikely matters will proceed according to your Palestinian Authority wishes and plans because the Americans might have already uncovered the Palestinian “Achilles’ heel”, and they will hit at their appointed time.

Many times I tell people and readers; if you want accuracy, look back in history. Go to the original source.

Presently, it seems that the country of Jordan has said ‘no’ to the Palestinian two-state-solution of Israel/Jordan, without the Palestinian Authority.

Apparently King Abdullah the Second doesn’t want the role. Who can blame him? He has enough complications with ongoing domestic and regional issues.

This may be in addition to the suspected, actual Palestinian Arab population numbers in Jordan.

You see, prior to year 2000 when public information was allegedly rewritten to coincide with Palestinian Arab propaganda, Jewish, Jordanian and so-called Palestinian numbers and details were amazingly, quite different.

So let’s examine older historical data facts as well as maps prior to 1950.

Modern Israel, including Judea and Samaria also known as the West Bank, Gaza and parts of Jordan came from the land mass commonly referred to as ‘Syria’ and ‘Arabia’ and eventually, the ‘Palestine Territory’.

The Palestine Territory was not a country and after the Ottoman Empire occupation ended at the close of World War One, British occupation ensued, utilizing British Passports which read ‘British Passport Palestine’.

Both Jewish and Arab citizens, whether Christian or Muslim (and other minorities), living in the Palestine Territory were governed by the British, and were officially identified as Palestinians; Jewish Palestinians and Arab Palestinians.

Therefore, previous to the re-born State of Israel in 1948, and the Transjordan region ruled by an Emir established as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1949, both Arabs and Jews from the Palestine Territory were Palestinian.

Furthermore, reportedly 70 percent or more of the Arabs in Jordan declare themselves to be Palestinian, or from the Palestine Territory, along with claims the king is half Palestinian.

Fortunately for stability sake, many from the Palestine Territory are these days purely, Jordanian.

On the other hand, in 1948 Jews in Israel chose to be called Israelis and the Arabs were called Arabs.

That is purportedly until organized Arabs and Arab terror groups cleverly realized by exclusively seizing the term ‘Palestinian’, they would legitimize an armed struggle to eradicate or separate from Israel.

Today the term Palestinian is generally accepted to signify a separate race of Arab peoples, and / or a genuine country ‘stolen’ by the Jews. Despite the significant detail that before 1948 ‘Palestinian’ described both Jews and Arabs living in a territory administered by the British.

Consequently, if the primary resources and images of Palestine Territory history are correct, then the Arabs citizens, residents and foreigners in Israel, and international outsiders, who reject or violently oppose the existence of Israel, would eventually be in severe danger from domestic and international courts and law agencies, for being rebellious, troublemakers and mass murderers, for assaulting the sovereign State of Israel, democracy and the Jewish religion – with no protection, help or funds from the looming, defunct ‘Palestinian’ Authority leadership.  Also read: The Jordanian option for Palestinian peace

Don Davis

Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But many of his abridged reports on current or Israeli subjects have been posted as articles or blogs in The Christian Messenger in India, The Times of Israel, and in American news online. Don is also the book author of ‘The Children of Santiago’ and ‘The Theogonic Resurrections’.

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