The late great Jewish state


The demise of Israel in the tactical PR onslaught

By Don Davis

dateline-israel-newWITH 138 nations of the 193 nation General Assembly voting in favor of Palestine, Israel might soon experience stunning events that can materialize from a gentile democracy. Israel’s response to the Palestine upgrade was predictably defensive claiming it meant nothing and would change little. But let’s examine the Arab’s Palestinian phenomenon, and along with that I will convey some purportedly straightforward gentile patterns and behavior.

Gentile analysts see things radically different than Israeli politicians. For example, in the same manner the General Assembly upgraded Palestine to non-member state, their vote (on the recommendation of the Security Council) can upgrade Palestine to member state. In addition, grant Palestine inclusive country rights, the right to return, the right to bear weapons, any conventional weapons, and blockade-free airports and ports. To suggest otherwise is ignoring reality.

The sheer data alone based on the 2 billion Christians, 1.6 billion Muslims, 500 million Hindus, and other religions, would imply a staggering advantage against the approximately 18 million Jews worldwide. So in other words, if the gentiles want to vote for a Palestine State, there will be a Palestine State. Some Christians are already questioning if the Book of Revelation prophesy, the time of the gentiles in Israel, is beginning to be fulfilled. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

However, events can get much worse for Israel. The Jewish State can be in danger of losing their right to a religious state, Judaism, part of their capital city, their (presumed) nuclear program, and have their government and military personnel arrested for occupation and war crimes. But the gentiles allegedly are not willing to confront other gentile nations unless the offending nation is small, undefended, or Jewish. They won’t risk war to arrest Russian leaders, they won’t arrest China leaders, nor Iranian, and maybe not Assad who to date has killed, according to sources, 40,000 of his own people. Nonetheless, Israeli leaders could be dragged to the courts in the Hague for protecting their population.

Moreover, there are an estimated 240 million Arabs in the immediate region and only about 6 million Jews. Consequently, it is much less of a nuisance for western nations to support the massive populated (oil rich) Arabs than tiny, little Israel. This has been consistent gentile behavior during the modern era, particularly after the 1900’s Balfour Declaration, and to date nothing has changed.

Present-day Israelis have not suffered persecution as those in World War II Europe but if gentiles have their way, Israelis will soon experience limitations and controls in their own country. Extending the theory, if Palestine becomes a nation they will continue their current format to overtake and infiltrate more of Israel. Gentile nations will prefer to do business with Palestinians instead of Israelis as the Arab culture is more parallel in behavior and mentality. In addition, the Arab populations have significant Christian populations.

Also, there are reasons why Israel dominates the news (including among others, sensationalism and self fame). Gentile nations want to obscure their own internal problems. Subsequently they commonly publicize news about Israel because Israel is small and considered insignificant (according to demographic and world culture standards) and has failed to defend themselves publically. And, it doesn’t matter that there are Jews working in the news industry as they frequently side with world opinion in relation to condemning Israel. Neither, does it matter who the Israeli leadership is, unless, the leadership is willing to concede to the gentiles’ wishes, norms and behavior.

But, for years Israel was warned not to allow the Arabs to exclusively use the term Palestinian. As a result the so-called Arab Palestinians have successfully established a race. A race that never existed, and a country that never existed now has recognition, legitimacy and protection.

Nevertheless, Israel continues to complain, repeating the same, tired message that the average news agencies ignore. The same message that only appeals to the already pro-Israel audience, yet is not tenaciously assaulting the real issues adequately or further enlarging a productive pro-Israel following. Rather, Israel flaunts progress, invention and communications tools as public relations successes.

Communication tools and strategies are imperative but they rarely change views. They are a means to change views with the correct message. Be careful with surveys too. They can be misleading as the average pro-Israel gentile is not going to help Israel, nor are they normally in a position to help Israel.

When Israel understands this dangerous worldwide trend, and when Israel understands that worldwide gentile behavior will persist, then maybe Israel will start to defend themselves effectively.

In conclusion, in order to save the Jewish State of Israel, Israel must begin to fight a different class of warfare. Israel must fight a comprehensive communications warfare that entails many facets of facts, perception, likability, aggression, equality competitiveness (tools and tactics), including deflecting and redirecting newsworthy news, and influencing culture, tradition, and religion (demographics) challenges.

Otherwise, Israel will continue to experience voting losses, negative news coverage, or worse from all gentile nations indefinitely.

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Don Davis has over 20 years experience in analytic research particularly regarding Israeli, Middle Eastern culture, behavior and historical patterns. Don is based in Israel, from where he monitors and evaluates worldwide information on finance, technologies, industries, and the military/political environment for a US consulting company.

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