Terry Jones calls Christians ‘cowards’ in new TV footage

Pastor Terry Jones
Pastor Terry Jones

Pastor Terry Jones
Pastor Terry Jones

DOERS TV, an online Christian TV Network, has decided to release and make available to the media a stunning never aired before on TV interview with Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center, a fundamentalist Christian church in Gainesville, Florida.

Raw footage captures Pastor Jones calling Christians, Christian TV Networks, and pastors ‘cowards and they have no guts.’

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In this never seen or aired before on TV, exclusive interview, Pastor Terry Jones addresses allegations of child pornography, and rumors of a $180,000 dollar security bill for his protection. He proclaims that ‘they must kill us to stop us.’

He discusses his over 300 death threats and confesses that he and his staff carry weapons for their protection.

He says: “Islam is of the Devil and it leads you to hell…and the Koran leads to terrorist activities, murder, violence, and rape” but also says he ‘loves Muslims.’ He also calls the media ‘a necessary evil.’

“Even though this interview takes place before the Koran burning, I thought it would be in the best interest of the world at large to know how Pastor Terry Jones thinks and reasons,” Pastor David Wright, CEO of DoersTV.com, said.

“In light of the recent violence, in response to Pastor Jones burning of the Koran, we have decided to release this exclusive unedited raw footage now in hopes that the media would help the world get a better understanding of Pastor Jones and the reasons for his actions,” he said.

Pastor Wright said : “I truly believe that once the media airs this interview it will show all people, Muslims and Christians, the true motive behind Pastor Jones actions and people will make up their own minds in how to judge his actions and words. Hopefully this raw footage will in some way help to put an end to the violence based on one pastor’s actions.”

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