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6 Resolutions that High Performing Leaders Make

I was reminded of that this past week. When cleaning out my office recently, I came across a list of written goals from four years ago. There were over a dozen. I was both surprised and grateful to see I achieved 80 percent of them.

What does God want to do in 2018?

We are missing something in this generation. A carnality, a casualness and a complacency have left us void of the reality of God's mighty power and holy presence. A party spirit, a prayer-less posture, pomp and pride has hindered the Spirit's manifestations.

3 surprising habits to cultivate in 2014

By Nicole Unice I love the new year. I love fresh starts and new beginnings. I love the chance to be more intentional with life,...

5 Godly New Year’s resolutions for Christian men

Pray for your children and their spouses or future spouses. At my wedding, my father-in-law told me that he had been praying for me specifically since the day my wife was born. What an encouragement!

Should Christians make New Year resolutions?

A quick glance at social media shows that some Christians wonder if they even should be making resolutions. Are you one of them? If so,...

Look up to the One who said, ‘Behold I make all...

 By Robin Sam IT gives all of us at The Christian Messenger media ministries immense pleasure to meet you again with a new issue in...

Feast of Trumpets – not your typical New Year resolutions

DOES the Bible recommend New Year’s resolutions? Does the Bible even advocate celebrating the New Year? Actually, New Year’s is a huge feast in the Old Testament but the timing and style is totally different than our modern one.

Where do you see yourself in 2012?

WHAT’S so special about New Year that people seem so eager to cuddle up into its open arms? Is it the fascination for the unknown, the yearning for a time like no other or the hope of new vistas and promises?
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How to handle criticism

In each of us is the potential for great good and potential for exceptional evil. We are, at the same time, both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Scripture puts words to this dual reality in multiple ways. We are, at the same time, saints and transgressors, old man and new man, flesh and spirit.
My witness is in heaven

Our Highest Witness