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The Middle East conundrum: No good news!

In the current world situation the US pledges nuclear protection against a nuclear Russian and Iranian assault (or other threatening nations). Not an all-out attack by American ground forces or US troops.

Syrian rebels release Greek Orthodox nuns after 3 months

The release of the nuns and their helpers, 16 women in all, is a rare successful prisoner exchange deal between Syrian government authorities and the rebels seeking to overthrow the rule of President Bashar Assad.

Deadly explosion hits Lebanese capital

A powerful explosion in the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut - stronghold of the Shia armed group Hezbollah - has killed at least six people and left another 66 wounded.

The perpetual Middle East quagmire

SINCE the beginning of 2013 people have been asking what these new times might bring in the Middle East region, specifically with the instability in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, and looming Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Arab Christians share food baskets during Christmas 2012

WHILE Christian pilgrims and tourists are streaming here from all over the world to visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ and worship at the...

The year of changing warfare

WE are in another world war. Not like before with constant, high profile battles and clear cut good and evil. Instead, this world war stems from ‘religion cultural rights’ and has consistent but unpredictable, nondiscriminatory terror that will progress into weapons of mass destruction.

200,000 Syrians take refuge in Turkey, Iraq and Jordan

THIS is more than the estimate drawn up by the UN refugee agency. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had estimated 185,000 Syrians to flee the country by the end of the year.

Barnabas Fund feeding programs continue in Middle East

AS the Middle East is rocked by political unrest and violence, Barnabas Fund’s feeding programs for needy Iraqi Christians, both in their homeland and neighboring countries, continue unabated.

Israeli expert says Jerusalem can’t defeat Hezbollah

AN Israeli expert has said that Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah directly as the group has a domestic political base. Moreover, the group has recently bolstered an arsenal in a strategic threat to Israel.
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Don’t be cross with your cross

What is your cross? How you intend to carry it determines how well you will be able to live with it and conquer it.