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The Palestinian dilemma

Modern Israel, including Judea and Samaria also known as the West Bank, Gaza and parts of Jordan came from the land mass commonly referred to as 'Syria' and 'Arabia' and eventually, the 'Palestine Territory'.

Why does Israel always get the bad press?

MANY people believe Israel is an influential country that competes with the United States, European Union, Japan, India, China and Russia. Israel is frequently ‘credited’, particularly in the Arab world, of manipulating worldwide government policies.
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How to handle criticism

In each of us is the potential for great good and potential for exceptional evil. We are, at the same time, both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Scripture puts words to this dual reality in multiple ways. We are, at the same time, saints and transgressors, old man and new man, flesh and spirit.
My witness is in heaven

Our Highest Witness