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The Middle East conundrum: No good news!

In the current world situation the US pledges nuclear protection against a nuclear Russian and Iranian assault (or other threatening nations). Not an all-out attack by American ground forces or US troops.

Deadly explosion hits Lebanese capital

A powerful explosion in the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut - stronghold of the Shia armed group Hezbollah - has killed at least six people and left another 66 wounded.

Israel strikes Hezbollah sites in Syria

ISRAELI jets devastated Syrian targets near Damascus on Sunday in a heavy overnight air raid that Western and Israeli officials called a new strike on Iranian missiles bound for Lebanon's Hezbollah.

The 2012 Israeli preempt strike on Iran

AS rumors of preempt strikes and counter-strikes saturate the news I have been continually asked what Israel will do and when. This is a topic I have written about numerous times but first want to mention how Egypt, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas’ uncertainty and relationship with Iran might play a role in this.

Israeli expert says Jerusalem can’t defeat Hezbollah

AN Israeli expert has said that Israel cannot defeat Hezbollah directly as the group has a domestic political base. Moreover, the group has recently bolstered an arsenal in a strategic threat to Israel.
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Don’t be cross with your cross

What is your cross? How you intend to carry it determines how well you will be able to live with it and conquer it.