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5 Prayers We Must Pray This Election

The country has been through hell in the past five years. Lynchings in the name of cow protection, demonetisation, GST, religious tensions, tanking of the GDP growth, gagging of all institutions and the rise of aggressive Hindutva politics have seen minorities being terrorised, the economy getting battered, justice being denied and the nation becoming a laughing stock in the international arena.

What Must You Do To Inherit Eternal Life?

Dear brother / sister, are you a channel of love? Or are you a blocked channel like the church at Ephesus? Are you a channel of blessings? Or is your channel blocked due to selfishness and avarice for money?
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Don’t be cross with your cross

What is your cross? How you intend to carry it determines how well you will be able to live with it and conquer it.