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Tough thing God asks you to do? Forgiving your spouse!

Just know that, in the end, this isn’t as much about being a husband or a wife as it is about being a Christian. Freely you have received; freely you must give and that means freely you must forgive.

Forgiveness isn’t a choice, it’s a must!

By praying to the Lord to forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors (Matthew 6:12), and we are asking for His grace and mercy. We too must extend the same to our relationships if we are to be sincere.

What does the Bible say on forgiving yourself?

You do not need to supplement divine forgiveness with any self-forgiveness. Your forgiveness in Christ is complete. Receive it. Remember it. And rejoice in it.

The importance of forgiveness

ONE important truth of the Bible is that if we do not forgive our fellow beings, God will not forgive us. Are you aware a story of a slave becoming a soldier for Christ in the New Testament? It is a powerful story on forgiveness and reconciliation.

Forgiving, when it hurts like hell!

I was on a train idly looking out the window on Feb 10 when a woman sitting beside me broke the news. A 15-year-old school student had stabbed a teacher to death in Chennai for reprimanding him.

Lessons of reconciliation Mohanlal-Azhikode feud teaches us

TWO days before Azhikode passed away at Amala Hospital in Thrissur, Kerala, Mohanlal visited the hospital and stood silently at the ailing writer’s bed. According to Malayala Manorama, the actor touched the writer’s feet and caressed his hands gently.

Top Bible verses that reveal God’s forgiveness

SOME people have no trouble accepting that salvation is a gift from God – it is free and that one does not have to do anything to secure it. What they have trouble in is realizing that God can forgive their sins, however gross they are.

Why is God so particular that we forgive others?

THE word ‘forgive’ occurs 81 times in the whole of the Bible. Why is forgiveness so important in the sight of God? What is so amazing about forgiving someone that Jesus implied that one ought not keep count of a brother’s sins? Robin Sam writes.
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Don’t be cross with your cross

What is your cross? How you intend to carry it determines how well you will be able to live with it and conquer it.