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The Middle East conundrum: No good news!

In the current world situation the US pledges nuclear protection against a nuclear Russian and Iranian assault (or other threatening nations). Not an all-out attack by American ground forces or US troops.

US backs creation of new Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Calls within Ukraine for an independent Orthodox Church came largely in response to the 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimea province by Russia.

The obsolete Palestinian strategy

If they are waiting for Trump to be impeached, don’t hold your breath. If by chance that did occur President Pence would purportedly be as loyal to Israel or perhaps more.

Christians not your enemies, Franklin Graham tells North Koreans

Graham believes the North Koreans are a prideful people and that the Trump administration has engaged them well.

South Korean church hopes for peace after Trump-Kim meeting

Pope Francis prayed last Sunday for the success of the US-North Korea summit, saying he hoped it would lead to lasting peace.

10 dead in Texas school shooting

Mr Abbott said police found information on the suspect's diary, computer, and mobile phone suggesting that he planned the attack and intended to kill himself afterwards.

US opens embassy in Jerusalem in historic move

The ceremony took place amid violent protests on the Israeli-Palestinian border where dozens were killed by Israeli gunfire. Palestinians lay claim to East Jerusalem.

Of end times, anti-Christ and Israel peace plan

THE present scenarios of the political atmosphere and combined militaries in the region do not appear to parallel with the war prophecy parameters of Ezekiel 38. So, these next few weeks, months and years may instead render something unforeseen by most.

North Korea releases Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim

Hyeon Soo Lim, who served in one of the largest churches in Canada, had been sentenced to hard labor for life in December 2015 after North Korea accused him of attempting to overthrow the regime.

Donald Trump warns N Korea of ‘fire and fury’

North Korea has made no secret of plans to develop a nuclear-tipped missile able to strike the United States and has ignored international calls to halt its nuclear and missile programs.
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Church celebrates 500 years of Christianity in Bangladesh

More than 8,000 Catholics, 100 priests, 120 nuns and 10 bishops from all over the country including Bishop Lumen Monteiro of Tripura, a northeast Indian state attended it.

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