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Terror, challenges and lack of options in Israel’s April elections

Leadership or party traits the Jewish Israeli voter will be frequently looking for during these relentless, highly volatile situations in Gaza, the northern border and internally with the Palestinian Arabs, will be safety first.

Bibi: Media’s friend or fiend? A secret uncovered from 1997

In the meeting and predominantly after the meeting, I became convinced that the Director of the Communications and Policy Planning was already briefed and instructed to reject TCW, long before I came into the room.

The Middle East conundrum: No good news!

In the current world situation the US pledges nuclear protection against a nuclear Russian and Iranian assault (or other threatening nations). Not an all-out attack by American ground forces or US troops.

Are we on the brink of Ezekiel 38 being played out...

Since 1948, Israel has never lived in safety, “unwalled”, or living peacefully or unsuspecting, neither without walls, gates and bars.

Transform or perish: The challenge before American social & traditional media

In America I forecast - social media and contemporary news will eventually have to transform in order to survive.  

The obsolete Palestinian strategy

If they are waiting for Trump to be impeached, don’t hold your breath. If by chance that did occur President Pence would purportedly be as loyal to Israel or perhaps more.

The Palestinian dilemma

Modern Israel, including Judea and Samaria also known as the West Bank, Gaza and parts of Jordan came from the land mass commonly referred to as 'Syria' and 'Arabia' and eventually, the 'Palestine Territory'.

The Jordanian option for Palestinian peace

Jordanians have a robust, authorized legislative system, are law abiding, do not practice terror activity, and don’t endorse paying terrorists or terrorist’s families; unlike the PA and their acquaintances, the terrorist regime of Hamas.

Israel’s Knesset passes Jewish nation state bill into law

The Jewish nation-state bill is a Basic Law with constitutional heft that declares Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people.

The no-God fad part 2

By Don Davis To recap part one; I presented God descriptions and deeds, God rejecter trends and behavior, part of science and atheist-paradoxes, elements of...
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Hundreds of Christians dead as violence rocks Nigeria

Monday’s attack started at 7:30 p.m. and continued for several hours. Witnesses say the terrorists stole seven vehicles and started shooting in the streets.