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Echoing God’s voice through a new tongue

"One language helper, a Catholic by faith, who aided in my communication with the Rathawa people wanted to know why I was taking so much pain getting to know the people and their language," says Prince Joseph Chellakumar.

New Testament completed for Patpatar people in Papua New Guinea

ON a tiny exotic island just off the coast of Papua New Guinea, Bible translators Ed and Debi Condra, along with their Bible translation team, completed the New Testament for the Patpatar people.

Wycliffe denies it removed ‘father’, ‘son’ terms from translations

WYCLIFFE Bible Translators denied allegations that it removed the terms "father" and "son" from Bible translations meant for Muslim countries and said any problematic texts are no longer being distributed.

Bible translation expansion project under way in Indonesia

BIBLE translation throughout Oceana remains a high strategic priority with underlying challenges. Using national translators streamlines the process of Bible translation in a region that sometimes deals with hostility toward Christians.
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How to handle criticism

In each of us is the potential for great good and potential for exceptional evil. We are, at the same time, both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Scripture puts words to this dual reality in multiple ways. We are, at the same time, saints and transgressors, old man and new man, flesh and spirit.
My witness is in heaven

Our Highest Witness