Prayer points: What you need to pray for in April, 2011


PrayerWE encourage you to use these points in your daily prayer as a family, prayer group or an individual. We would be glad if you take copies of these prayer points and share them with other believers in your church, prayer group or workplace. If you have a specific prayer point that you would like us to pray for along with our readers, you can email it to us at christianmessenger [dot] in [at] gmail [dot] com Blessings, Editor.


April 1:  Pray for your family members today. Pray for His providence and guidance to be with all this month. It is God’s will that all in the family serve Him. Praise His Name for extending the days of our life and meeting all our needs – physical, spiritual and emotional.

April 2: Pray for John Wesley Joyal today. A 2nd year medical student, he wants to be a ‘good doctor’ in the future and has sought prayers. Pray medical students like him will decide to work in mission fields after graduation.

April 3: Pray for Yolanda Awad-Hart. She works among the youth, single mothers and the hurting. May souls be touched and won for Lord Jesus Christ through her work.

April 4: Pray for the family members of Jose Paul, an engineering student in Jharkhand. He has asked for prayers for his parents who are sick and going through a difficult phase.

April 5: Pray for Sadhu Benny and his ministry. The aging evangelist is looking for a Godly man to be his manager. Pray that God leads such men to him.

April 6: Pray for our country’s leaders. God reveals His heart’s desire in 1Timothy 2:1-2 where we are asked to pray for ‘kings and all who are in authority.’

April 7: Pray for our church leaders today. Pray for your pastor’s own walk of faith – for his prayer life, for his faith, that he would grow spiritually and in his love for God.

April 8: Pray for Peter Amasikan today. The village pastor was abused and threatened by an RSS functionary for holding a street meeting last month in Reddypalayam near Vandavasi.

April 9: Pray for Pankaj Lal and his family. This pastor from Orissa is a missionary who is working in Jammu. Pray for his missions.

April 10: Pray for Joyce Braganza in Mumbai. She holds prison fellowship meetings and is also engaged in Gospel tracts distribution.


April 11: Pray for all missionary organizations working in the Middle East, especially in countries like Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan and Tunisia where an Islamic revolution is under way.

April 12: Pray for unity among various denominations of the Church, Christian missions and workers. May God open the eyes of every worker to keep the unity of the Spirit (Ephesians 4:3).

April 13: Pray for a peaceful conduct of elections in the 5 states (Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and Pondicherry) going to polls today.

April 14: Pray that more evangelical Christians will get into secular media organizations all over the world and be the voice of the Lord in these last days.

April 15: Pray for the upcoming missions’ trip of The Christian Messenger’s Robin Sam to Jammu next month. He is engaged in a few preaching and teaching assignments as well as organizing medical camps.

April 16: Continue to pray for a pleasant summer season this year. Like last year, the country should receive sufficient rainfall this year too (Zechariah 10:1; Deut 11:14).

April 17: Pray for people who are caught in the grip of cult groups. May God open the eyes of those people who live under the deception of cult teachings. Pray for their release and acceptance into the true fellowship of Jesus Christ.

April 18: Pray for Sammy Tippit ministries who are targeting over a million people in Tamil Nadu through their Gospel programming.

April 19: Uphold Global Advance, a ministry that trains pastors, business leaders and church planters. Pray that their training programs for Indian pastors will bear fruit.

April 20: Pray for business people that you know who are in debt. May God provide them a breakthrough in the new financial year, give them new opportunities and set them free.


April 21: Pray for Japan today. The nation battered by earthquake, tsunami and looming nuclear catastrophe is looking up for solace. May the people find the Living God and turn to His matchless love.

April 22: Continue to pray for the Middle Eastern countries. The Islamic revolution sweeping across the nations in this region has destabilized many regimes. May this be an opportunity for the Word of God to penetrate the peoples’ hearts.

April 23: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem today. Christians account for only 2.1 percent in Israel, while Jews constitute 75.8 percent and Muslims form 16.8 percent of the population. Pray according to Psalm 122:6.

April 24: Pray for Russia – the country that plays a significant role in the prophecies concerning Israel in the last days. Pray for evangelization efforts in that country.

April 25: Pray for the people of Ivory Coast. The nation is split between two claimants to the government. Pray that the church is protected and Christians are not caught in the crossfire anymore.

April 26: Pray for Britain. In a recent survey, 35 percent of the population said they had no faith, while 8 percent said they were of another faith. The nation that sent out missionaries to Third World nations once, is only nominally Christian today.

April 27: Let us pray for Pakistan today. Instances of human rights violations against Christians, a minority in that country, are on the rise. Pray that new leaders who defend the fundamental rights of the church are raised up.

April 28: Pray for Saudi Arabia today. Two Indians, identified as Vasantha Sekhar and Nese Yohan, are languishing in a jail there for attending a Christian prayer meeting. Plead with the King of kings for their release.

April 29: Pray for Algeria. The largest number of unreached people groups besides India in the world is in this country.

April 30: Pray for India today. The nation is witnessing unprecedented levels of corruption and nepotism making us wonder if there are any good men left among the nation’s leaders. Pray for a cleansing of the nation.

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