Photos: The world’s 10 most spectacular modern churches

St. Bonifatius Kaestle | Ocker Roeder Architekten BDA

AS Christmas approaches, people are paying closer attention to their churches. In the last century, spectacular new churches have been built around the world, influenced by modern and avant-garde architecture. The Top 10 designs are in Europe, Japan, the USA and even the Ivory Coast.

Churches traditionally feature a steeple, nave and cross.

“However, more and more, modern churches are breaking away from this cliché. The appearances of our places of worship are changing rapidly” states Matthew Keutenius, architecture expert at Emporis.

The top 10 most spectacular modern churches worldwide were chosen by a committee of building experts from Emporis. The jury valued novel design, original materials and groundbreaking building techniques of churches built after 2000.

One such building incorporating revolutionary craftsmanship is the Martin Luther Church in Hainburg, Austria. Special shipbuilding technology was used for the roof and bell tower. The roof, made of curved steel plates weighing 23 tonnes, was assembled at a wharf on the Baltic Sea.

The shimmering Church of the Holy Cross in Jyllinge, Denmark, is made of glass fibre composites. Situated near the fjord and surrounded by nature, it stands in contrast to its surroundings. From far, it appears like a hovering UFO.

Situated on a small plot in Tokyo, Japan, the Harajuku Church is surrounded by bustling city life. The exterior is inspired by the mineral, dry landscape of Palestine – it is like the Holy Land in an Asian metropolis. On the inside, the space and light create a sanctuary in the noisy city.

Churches are not merely holy places where we gather to worship God. Perhaps as a way of drawing in the crowds, these 10 spectacular churches are by architects who have broken out of the norm – transforming churches into modern works of art.

The press release was issued and the photos made available by Emporis, a leading provider of building data and construction projects worldwide. For over a decade Emporis has helped companies, organizations and individuals stay informed about the building industry. The Emporis Skyscraper Award is the world’s most renowned prize for modern high-rise architecture. Visit Emporis (external site).

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