Look up John 3:16! Fox’s loss, Super Bowl’s gain!

Look up 316
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son... John 3:16.

WHAT was taboo to Fox was lapped up by Super Bowl viewers.

Millions of Super Bowl viewers got a dose of Scripture on Feb 6 night when a Christian group’s John 3:16 commercial was unexpectedly aired.

Fixed Point Foundation, an organization based in Alabama, US that promotes a confident Christianity in the public square by fortifying the minds of Christians and challenging the faith of skeptics, was behind the brilliant move.

The 30-second biblical spot popped up much to the surprise of football fans in Washington, D.C. It also aired in Birmingham, Ala., where FPF is headquartered.

Only a few days ago, the commercial was rejected by Fox News for being too religious and offensive.

In the television ad, a group of friends are watching a football game in a living room. They cheer when one of the players on defense tackles his opponent. A close-up shot shows the defensive player’s perspiring face where he has painted “John 3:16.” One of the viewers asks his neighbor what that means. After the neighbor shrugs, the viewer offers to look it up for them on his cell phone.

The commercial concludes with “LookUp316.com: A Message of Hope.”

Within hours of the airing of the commercial, the Look Up 316 website attracted so heavy a traffic that it was difficult to load the web page.

For those who care to look up the website, it offers a simple explanation of the verse’s meaning, starting from why the world isn’t quite right to Jesus Christ giving his life for everyone and him being the only hope.

Fixed Point Foundation sought to use the platform of Super Bowl to which over 100 million viewers tune in to share ‘the most important message the world has ever heard’

“Few people have the chance to say something truly meaningful. And, more often than not, that opportunity is wasted,” FPF said. “Even our biggest media and cultural event, the Super Bowl, is chock full of million-dollar clutter. Massive amounts of money are spent talking about trivial things – like beer and potato chips.­

“What if you used that opportunity to do something great?” That is, say something meaningful.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16.”

FPF has drawn praise for its mission.

Bestselling author and cultural commentator Dinesh D’Souza observed, “Most of what is counted as ‘apologetics’ is stuck in the Christian subculture. What makes Fixed Point unique is that they have managed to break free from a traditional model and take a confident Christianity into the world.”

Larry Taunton is founder and Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation.  Larry is executive producer of the films ‘Science and the God Question’, ‘The God Delusion Debate’ and ‘Can Atheism Save Europe?’

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