How to pray for North Korea, Dutch Sheets reveals

Internationally-known Christian author, teacher and speaker, Dutch Sheets recently shared an important word on just how to pray for the increasingly dangerous situation involving North Korea. (Photo: Dutch Sheets-Facebook)

Sheets notes in his video message that much of the anger in the political realm, the violent protests and even some of the international conflicts that have developed, are actually a “manifestation” of the spiritual realm of darkness.

The principalities and demons “are angry because we—the Church … as Believers—have moved into a season where we can experience great breakthrough. In fact; some are the breakthroughs that we’ve been praying for and interceding for, for years.”

He says the Lord had warned him that this would happen, but that Believers should not fear.

“The Lord said, ‘Tell My people they don’t need to be afraid.’ His enemies are afraid,” says Dutch Sheets in the video.

Click here, to hear the course of action Sheets suggests, and to watch the entire video message.

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