Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?


trump-clinton-comboBy Don Davis

Hillary Clinton is a very, experienced domestic and international politician. It is why she is successful, respected, feared, loved and hated. She can easily sidestep all the politically incorrect ‘landmines’ that Trump charges into. Most noticeably, PC ‘landmines’ in the news media. Of course, Hillary also has the tremendous advantage of being the ‘darling’ of the majority of the press and media. If Hillary is elected she will most likely run the government, along with her chosen advisors, by what she is most comfortable with, knows, and is most familiar with. Similar to how the government is run now. In addition, nowadays politicians are not usually risk takers or challengers unless something is minimal threat. Smooth or status quo is the goal.

In other words they are proactive and respond in ways that cause less waves or controllable reactions. Some refer to it as ‘even’ or ‘level’ management. Moreover, the current status quo is a US government that is integrated into world business, law, military, environment, populations and affairs. Status quo that at many times, many feel, is a disadvantage to the classic, cultured American which would include effecting domestic jobs, rights and behavior.

True or not, this has allegedly been the standard for the US government during the entire current administration, and except for US Defense and military, even started before that. Nevertheless, Hillary has shown she wants domestic program improvements; she can be supportive of the military, and aggressive in world responses (as in the case of Osama bin Laden). Unlike her prior commander-in-chief, Hillary is a confident, knowledgeable and secure person in relation to domestic and international affairs, conflict and politics, and thus likely be far more firm and insistent in getting what she wants for the United States. If elected she will transition into the position quickly and easily. Plus, her recent ‘misinformation’ scandal has not seemed to permanently scuttle her yet. This may be because there is disagreement with ‘it’ being termed “a lie” by cultural differences of opinion. Also, people may relate this trait to self-preservation which many can identify with and therein forgive.

The ‘email server’ incident as well doesn’t’ seem to influence the Democratic Party’s firm support of Hillary and her prospective presidential duties, or her, intentionally, endangering USA. The Democratic Party has full confidence that Hillary would maintain a presidential professionalism, secrecy and diplomacy necessary for the United States. Consequently, Hillary Clinton’s type of government, and it’s relation to the world, is exactly what many Americans and numerous world leaders want.

Donald Trump is a very successful business man. He displays a classic loathing of political correctness (and a supposedly veiled one of politicians too), loathing of double talk, wastefulness, hidden public agendas and anything anti-American. He is culturally, classic-American-patriotic, direct, says what’s on his mind and is aggressive exactly like a successful businessman. It is one of the reasons he is successful, respected, feared, loved and hated.

If elected he will most likely try and run the government, along with his advisors, as a fine-tuned business. This is what he knows and is a recognized accomplished expert. Many believe therefore, for the media to suggest he’s going to ‘nuke’ everybody is ludicrous and unfair. Donald’s past history and traits reflect that he thinks, reacts and lives in business terms of long and short term goals, profit, stability, simplicity and efficiency; ‘nuking’ would lose him billions and clutter markets for him and everyone. This is not good business and counter to his business behavior, experiences and successes both present and past. Plus, ‘destroying’ contradicts his building and improvement qualities.

However, I have little doubt he would use the threat of military build-up and/or potential force to get respect back to USA, exactly what presidents did post World War II until the current president got in office. (And, the post World War II presidents didn’t ‘nuke’ anybody). For this reason, Trump is not a favorite of most world leaders and many passive, live-and-let-live or world-order type Americans. Yet, he is a powerful hero to classic-culture Americans. Race, religion, color and even sexual preferences have modest impact on Trump’s popularity but are instead linked to the classic-culture domestic American.

Trump additionally gains support from anyone traditional or loyal to a no-change or people wishing improvement and safety in their State, County, City or Neighborhood mentality. These are the silent majorities that will not publicly admit to backing Donald nor will they acknowledge support for him in open or anonymous surveys due to the vilification of Trump in the media. But will vote for him in November (barring some unforeseen incident that alienates the voters further). This ‘clandestine voter’ trend has contributed to data and surveys being inaccurate and may inadvertently cause massive miscalculations in the Democratic Party which in turn might prevent them to properly adjust or react to the polling results.

Furthermore, the equation of trying to tag ‘only-white’ or ‘white-men’ to Trump’s popularity is extremely misleading. Donald supporters in general feel their jobs, neighborhood-city-culture-traditions, personal safety, local way of life and local rights are under great threat, and are rapidly diminishing. Again, Trump purportedly has underground support from varied races, religions, colors and sexual preferences in these domestic community-type issues. For these people, American, domestic and safety concerns supersede or override any political party, international or world issues. For those reasons and despite Republican Party confrontations, Donald Trump should not be underestimated and unless he does something significantly foolish, he has a monumental chance to obtain a victory this presidential election.

In relation to Israel; the treatment of Israel will be based on US wants, needs and demands. Despite that both Clinton and Trump have Jewish ties via marriage; this is not a guarantee Israel will be treated well. Both Clinton and Trump will ‘speak or talk’ good relationships, however getting actual results or action might be another thing. World events and pressures will dictate the relationship as usual. Maybe, maybe friendlier terms could be received from Donald because he has a strong self opinion, not easily intimated or bow to outside or world pressure (in other words not cooperating with world leaders if he disagrees). Although with that being said, Hillary could surprise and break tradition from the world establishment too. But, both candidates’ positions on Israel are unpredictable at this stage and will be until one of them actually gets into office and are briefed.

It is important to remember though, November is still a ways off and much can happen between now and then to derail either candidate. Both have issues that can ruin their chances. Health may be an issue. And with the ease and frequency of hacking both candidates should be concerned. In fact, with the speed of events and consequences today, this article could be obsolete after it is posted. Even terror or some major domestic disruption during or around voting time could alter election or presidential office variables.

But most importantly; people may insult our candidates, our politics, and our system of government but until you have lived in several countries, for many years, outside of our protective borders, you cannot fully appreciate how good we Americans have it, particularly our free press and the gift of our right to vote.

Vote this November!

Or don’t complain about the results.

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Don Davis has over 20 years experience in analytic research particularly regarding Israeli, Middle Eastern culture, behavior and historical patterns. Don is based in Israel, from where he monitors and evaluates worldwide information on finance, technologies, industries, and the military/political environment for a US consulting company.

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