Generous gift sends a project in Mozambique on its way

Children listening to Audio Bible in Mozambique
Children listening to Audio Bible in Mozambique.
Children listening to Audio Bible in Mozambique
Children listening to Audio Bible in Mozambique.

THE response to the Gospel has been overwhelming in Mozambique, and requests for God’s Word in audio form have significantly increased, Mission Network News reported.

Tom Dudenhofer, executive director of Audio Scripture Ministries, told us then that the cost to meet the demand was forcing ASM to re-think some outreach priorities. At that time, he said, “If we could start by supplying about 500 players a month–that may not sound like a lot, but that would be about $20,000 worth of players a month. We’re working really hard to lower the cost of the players.”

Well, God has graciously provided: someone just came forward with an unexpected gift of $20,000 for the Mozambique Player Fund (full project cost=$52,000)! The check was  hand-delivered to the headquarters this month.

ASM had been struggling to raise $35,000 to get the project fully funded. With this new gift, they are nearly 70% of the way there. This was just the burst of energy needed to revitalize the project.

It’s a critical time because both Christians and non-Christians in Mozambique are eager to learn more about God. However, most people in Mozambique could not read a Bible even if they had one. Over 60% of Mozambique’s population is illiterate.

Audio Scripture Ministries is working to get the digital Scripture player into the hands of these peoples so they can connect with God’s Word in a form that they can use and understand. The players are rugged, easy to use, and solar powered so they can provide years of service in harsh environments.

ASM’s original goal was to raise funds to distribute 1300 digital audio Bibles in Mozambique in 2012. Now, it appears that’s the goal for what’s left of the summer. God has been very gracious!

Pray for the staff of Estudio Coroa da Victoria (Crown of Victory Studio) in Mozambique as they make preparations for audio Bible distributions later in this month. Ask God to give them patience and wisdom as they prepare audio Scripture materials and make the difficult decisions about which areas will receive these materials.

A team is heading out later this month to distribute audio Bibles to the Sena people in the city of Beira, in central Mozambique. Pray for traveling mercies on their journey during the next couple of weeks. MNN

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