Former professional skier on how Jesus changed his life

Anaiah Kirk book cover

Anaiah Kirk book coverTEENAGERS today think that in order to be happy, you must have what you want when you want it, do whatever feels right and be financially successful.

However, that kind of thinking is just a delusion.

As a professional freestyle skier at 19, Anaiah Kirk thought he had life figured out. In his inspirational self-help book, “The Life I Always Wanted” (ISBN -978-0-615-45153-4), Kirk shares his life story in hopes of helping other young people find out their purpose in life.

Living the life of a professional freestyle skier, Kirk thought he had it all. He was traveling the states, partying and living every young’s person’s dream. It was then, at his highest point in life, that everything changed. After a series of life-altering events, everything he had came crashing down. Finally hitting rock bottom, Kirk found himself barely holding onto life and questioning why he even existed.

Kirk shares the journey of faith, healing and humility in order to find his purpose in life. He explains how even after finding Jesus Christ, he clung to the ways of his old life style. He shows his readers how he was able to let go in order to embrace his new, Christian lifestyle. He describes the spiritual encounter he had with God, when all of his doubts about life and God were erased. After this life-changing moment, Kirk was able to live by God and his will and live the life he always wanted.

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“Everyone is searching for purpose in their lives, especially as a teenager and young adult,” Kirk says. “It is a time of great change in terms of relationships, education and career.”

While there are many self-help books out there, Kirk believes his will work best with young adults and teenagers because of his perspective. He shares his own experiences and struggles growing up to relate with younger audiences and to let them know that they are not alone in their personal journeys. He hopes that his story inspires young adults to follow the path towards a meaningful, purpose-filled life.

“The Life I Always Wanted” is available for purchase at www.AnaiahKirkcom, Kindle, and will be coming soon to the iTunes Store.

For more information and to view a trailer based on the book, visit, and follow Anaiah Kirk on Facebook and Twitter.

About the author:
Anaiah Kirk has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Criminal Law from California State University. He was a Juvenile Probation Officer and is now a Correctional Counselor working for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He is married to his high school sweetheart and has one daughter.

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