Europe set to embrace the e-book

Ebook reader

Ebook readerEUROPEAN publishers are becoming less resistant to the “digitisation tsunami” as local distribution networks are built and publishers await the arrival of global players such as Amazon, Apple and Google in their territories.

According to a new report looking into the global e-book market published by O’Reilly Media ahead of its Frankfurt Tools of Change conference (October 11th), although e-book sales outside of the US and UK remain small—“at best” just 1% of total sales—“significant momentum” is now building up.

The analysis put the market share of e-books in both the US and UK at 6%, though higher in certain genres, with France (1.8%), the Netherlands, (1.2%) Germany (1%) and Spain (1%) the next biggest e-book markets. Source: The Bookseller

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