Church challenges people to read Bible in 90 days

Holy Bible

Holy BibleHAVE you been wondering what resolution to adopt for the New Year?

How about taking up this challenge to read the entire Bible in 90 days? Reading the entire Bible in 90 days might seem like an impossible challenge, but a Lebanon Church is asking its members to do exactly that.

“Lives are transformed when people read the Bible,” said Peter Larson, Senior Pastor of Lebanon Presbyterian Church. “For that reason, we’re asking all of our 900 members to read the Bible from cover-to-cover in 12 weeks.”

The Bible in 90 Days is a movement that was founded 10 years ago by Ted Cooper, a former businessman in Houston, Texas. When Cooper first began reading the Bible he was an agnostic who wasn’t even sure God existed. At first, he found the Bible hard to believe and joked about it with his wife.

“After several days, I quit making fun of it,” said Cooper. “I found myself engrossed by it. About halfway through – somewhere around Isaiah or Jeremiah – I started to believe what I was reading.”

In 2001, Cooper created a curriculum that helps people read the Bible in 90 Days. Since then, The Bible in 90 Days has been offered by churches in 47 different states.

“This isn’t just an attempt to speed-read through the Bible,” said Larson. “It helps people to read the Bible as a complete story and to see the big picture of God’s purpose in human history.”

According to surveys, more than 75 million Americans would like to read the entire Bible but few of them ever do. “This program helps people to accomplish that goal,” said Larson. “Instead of reading the Bible all alone, it encourages them to be part of a group.”

Participants are encouraged to join one of many study groups offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Study guides also are available for those who want background and an overview. In addition, the church is providing free CDs for anyone who prefers to listen to an audio version of the daily Bible readings.

The sermons on Sunday mornings also will reinforce the weekly readings by focusing on major themes in the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. The Bible in 90 Days series will begin on Sunday, January 8 and the community is invited to participate. For more information please call Lebanon Presbyterian Church at 513-932-2751 or go to

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