Chuck Colson shows slow progress after surgery

Chuck Colson

Chuck ColsonTWO weeks after brain surgery, evangelical leader Chuck Colson is able to talk to family members and continues to show progress, but he remains in the Intensive Care Unit, according to the latest update.

Jim Liske, CEO of Prison Fellowship Ministries which Colson founded, said Thursday that there has not been much change in Colson’s condition since last week when he gave doctors a thumbs up.

Liske assured supporters, however, that the influential evangelical “is in one of the best medical centers in the country for the issues he is facing right now.”

Colson, 80, fell ill while speaking at the Breaking the Spiral of Silence conference on March 30 in Lansdowne, Va.

According to author Eric Metaxas, who was at the event, Colson “looked unsteady” and was taken to the hospital. Colson suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage.

He underwent surgery the following morning to remove a pool of clotted blood on his brain and has been recovering since.

Along with being able to talk, Colson can also hear and process information as well as execute demands, doctors reported.

Liske said the many prayers that have been going out to the Colson family have been an encouragement to them and asked for continuous support. The Christian Post

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