Christians should not bully homosexuals: Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson

Pat RobertsonCHRISTIAN broadcaster and evangelist Pat Robertson said although the Bible opposes homosexual practices, Christians should show love instead of bullying LGBT students.

Talking on The 700 Club, he said schools should not allow such harassment.

Responding to a viewer’s question, about what he would say to a school whose Christian students bully their LGBT peers, said, “That’s terrible. Christians shouldn’t do that – they should act in love.”

He added: “You might disagree, you might think these practices are an abomination, but you need to reach out to these kids in love.”

Robertson has made several statements on his show about the immorality of homosexuality – in March, during another ‘The 700 Club’ segment.

In December during the ‘Bring It On’ segment of his show, the Christian figure told a father that his son, who is gay, was not born that way and he could grow out of gay desires.

“You know they say you love the sinner, hate the sin? But what I think you gotta do is love him. You’re his father and you want to say, ‘Look, I don’t agree with what you’re doing. You’re my son, you came from my body. You’re part of me. I’m with you, but I’d like you to get out of this’,” Robertson said.

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