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The Four-Letter Word You Must Avoid in Life & Ministry

THE raven was sent out much before the dove. While the dove found out that she could not rest anywhere on earth, she returned to the ark. What was the raven doing then? The conditions that applied to the dove applied to the raven as well. But the raven kept going and to and fro.

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Know the power of Jesus’ resurrection?

Don’t underestimate the power of God at work in your life. It can turn your life upside down; it can make you a world-changer because the resurrection of Christ was a game-changer in the history of mankind.

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God is not a Communist. He’s simply, majestically, awesomely God!

THE measure is also my dealing with other people. How I treat others is the measure that God is going to use to treat me – the same measure not a similar measure. That’s a dreadful thought!

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How to receive much from God?

It is my prayer that you will ask and receive from God. In the general economy, a giver is depleted, but in God’s economy the giver is enriched because of his giving. God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7).

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You are the light of the world!

CHRISTIANITY must be seen. Someone said once: ‘There can be no such thing as secret discipleship, for either the secrecy destroys the discipleship, or the discipleship destroys the secrecy.’ How is it in our case? Has our secrecy destroyed our faith? Or has our faith destroyed the secrecy around the way we practise it?

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The GOD who testifies to you!

WHEN our life was in a mess, when we lived in open rebellion to God and His Word, He was merciful. When we went astray, He came looking for us. Oh, thank God for the love that sent His only begotten Son into the world!

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Jesus knows the power of one!

Mark 5: 2-20 give us an account of the demon-possessed man set free by Jesus in the country of Gadarenes. If you read the account, it’s as if Jesus went to the place only to set the man, bound by Legion, free. Yes, Jesus will walk the extra mile just to redeem one person. Jesus knows the power of one.

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OPEN HEAVENS: 4 Momentous Occasions When God Parted Skies

Peter’s vision at Joppa while he was staying at the house of Simon the tanner opened the Apostle’s spiritual eyes to a new dimension. Till then, he was preaching only among the Jews. The vision at Joppa made him realize that when Grace arrived Law went out of vogue.

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PRAY for our missionaries’ CHILDREN

I pray to God that His blessings, grace and guidance be with you all in the second month of this New Year in your family, workplace, business and ministry.

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Keys to a successful life

THERE’S an adage about the Bible that I am very fond of. ‘If you carry the Bible when you are young, the Bible will carry you when you are old.’ I don’t know who said it but there’s 100 percent truth in it. The Bible promises to transform the lives of those who live by it.

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