Cast off sin to boldly proclaim your faith: Prof Barney Pityana

Prof. Nyameko Barney Pityana
Prof. Nyameko Barney Pityana

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Prof. Nyameko Barney Pityana
Prof. Nyameko Barney Pityana

Sin ruptures relationships whether they are between man and men or man and God. Every believer should overcome this impediment in life and come to a stage where they boldly proclaim their faith, Nyameko Barney Pityana of South Africa said.

Pityana, who was also the principal and vice chancellor of the University of South Africa in the City of Tshwane in South Africa, is also one of the speakers at the Maramon Convention 2011 currently under way in Kerala.

Addressing the gathering, he said the Bible talks about a relationship that should not be broken. The relationship between man and his creator can only be set right if man is made righteous. Being righteous is to reconcile with God, he said.

One of God’s characteristics is that He stretches His hands out to lift the downtrodden and heals the brokenhearted. The same feature should be found in man, created in God’s own image. The parable of the good Samaritan teaches us that truth. He went out of his way to help the wounded highway farer.

When God asks us where our brother is, we should not retort like Cain did. Our response to God should not be ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ Instead, it should be an honest and direct response, he added.

The Maramon convention is organized by the Mar Thoma Evangelistic Association the missionary wing of the Mar Thoma Church.

The convention has been conducted every year since 1895. People from all around India gather at Maramon near Kozhencherry in Kerala to listen to the speakers. Renowned speakers from all over the world have been part of the convention.

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