Bunnies’ day out

The rabbits hadn’t yet found a suitable place to call their own.


By Greg Miller

CHARITY and her husband, Charles, were a Christian couple who lived in a rural community.

The couple enjoyed planting an annual garden in their large back yard. They planted many vegetables, including potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, beets and celery.

A rabbit couple, Chuck the Buck and Chelsea the Doe, had recently moved into the area. The rabbits hadn’t yet found a suitable place to call their own. On one of their daily home-hunting expeditions, Chuck and Chelsea discovered Charity and Charles happily working in their garden.

Harvest time was rapid approaching, so Charles and Charity were preparing their vegetables for the upcoming harvest. They could already picture themselves tasting the delicious homemade vegetable soup throughout the frigid winter months.

“My taste buds can already sense the tangy tomatoes and buttery broccoli,” said Charles.

“And I’m already experiencing the aroma and sweetness of the peas and corn!” Charity exclaimed.

Just then, Chuck and Chelsea hopped around the edge of the garden. As if the moment had been rehearsed, Chuck landed in Charles’ arms, while Charity found herself holding Chelsea, who had a bit of celery hanging from the edge of her mouth.

“Well…well, what do we have here?” Charles wondered. “Looks like a pair of rabbits are making themselves at home right here on our property!”

“It’s really God’s property,” Charity reminded Charles. “And it looks like He wants us to share this property and the prosperity with which He has blessed us, with these beautiful young rabbits.”

“That does appear to be the case,” Charles agreed. He harvested a carrot from the soil, offering the narrow end of the dark orange treasure to Chuck. Chuck began eagerly nibbling on the carrot, nodding his head appreciatively toward Charles’ face.

Somehow, the humans and the rabbits were able to communicate with and understand each other. And, somehow, there was a sense of respect and love.

Charity looked at Charles and said, “Honey, I think we should make these adorable rabbits a part of our family. We don’t have any children yet, and I love these joyful bundles!”

“Sounds great!” Charles approvingly exclaimed.

Although they were now a part of Charles’ and Charity’s family, Chuck and Chelsea said they would rather sleep and eat outside. “We love the great outdoors,” Chuck said.

“Well, when winter gets here, it’s going to be super cold outside, so if you ever want to spend the night indoors, just say the word,” said Charles.

“Thanks,” responded Chelsea. “We’ll remember that. And thanks for welcoming us to be a part of your family. Home is where the family is, inside or outside, because the family – mom, dad and little ones – really lives in our hearts!”

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