Are we on the brink of Ezekiel 38 being played out in the Middle East?

Since 1948, Israel has never lived in safety, “unwalled”, or living peacefully or unsuspecting, neither without walls, gates and bars.


By Don Davis

MANY people are still, persistently, using the anarchy and military movements in the Middle East to proclaim Ezekiel 38 is about to happen.

It has many Christians, and Christians I personally know, either nervous or optimistically excited the end is near.

I will primarily state that anything is possible with God, but in these present conditions, I believe Ezekiel 38 is not happening at this time and provide Biblical prophecy, real-time military and intelligence information and observations, and on-the-ground facts to supplement articles I have already posted.

I’ve covered this subject matter extensively in The Christian Messenger in March with “Of end times, anti-christ, and Israel peace plan”, in April with “Examining Israel in Prophecy”, and in Israeli news with  “Open letter to Vladimir Putin”, “Out of Syria” and “The Second to Last Israeli War”.

Specific scripture in Ezekiel 38, along with analytic regional data, present two fundamental reasons why this exact timeline is not correct according to precise prophecy, unless major occurrences or adjustments transpire shortly to parallel with prophetic circumstances.

First in Ezekiel 38:8&9, the land we know as Israel (using New International Version but sometimes not literally quoting), will be invaded after they have recovered from war, and all living in safety. Ezekiel 38:11, invade a land of unwalled villages; attacking a peaceful and unsuspecting people-all of them living without wall and without gates and bars. Ezekiel 38:14, in that day, when my people Israel are living in safety, will you not take notice of it?

At Israel’s rebirth as a nation in 1948, at least four Arab nation armies attacked Israel. To this day, there have been perpetual war-conflicts with neighbors or nearby countries, and/or Israel has endured, unending vicious terrorism or threats of terrorism.

Therefore, Israel has strong-enforced borders, is on constant vigilance, consistent military training, maintains highly advanced equipment and abilities, sustains a massive anti-missile shield system, and has a suspected nuclear arsenal.

Since 1948, Israel has never lived in safety, “unwalled”, or living peacefully or unsuspecting, neither without walls, gates and bars.

As an Israeli permanent resident of 26 years, I can vouch that Israel is bristling with weapons, fear, anger, mistrust and uncertainty.

Second, the Assad-Axis army troop numbers are allegedly exceedingly exaggerated. But nowhere near the figures needed or estimated by some military specialists and theologians pertaining to Ezekiel’s illustration of the armies as “a cloud covering the land”.

Russia’s army numbers estimated in 2018: under 65,000 although that may be a little higher due to private fighters or mercenary types.

In addition, an Iranian/Hezbollah/Syrian strike or bio/chemical hit on Israel of any kind would no doubt deteriorate into a nuclear showdown between Russia with Iran versus America with Israel.

Plus with the volatile Russia/Ukraine turmoil spreading the Russian Army thin, the mystery if Israel has found ways to confound or altogether defeat the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, and potentially the S-400, which is rumored to still be inoperative, may render the Russians more apprehensive of direct combat against Israel.

Russia might also be extremely suspicious of potential war-like behavior by both or either, the US President or the Israeli Prime Minister due to their tremendous, impending domestic problems. As the saying goes; there is nothing like a vastly turbulent foreign or survival-existence war to divert attention from private dilemmas.

Moreover, none of the present Middle East or Syrian axis-projected numbers is enough to assault Israel and their assured ally, the United States of America (USA).

So where in prophecy is the world’s most powerful army, the USA?

The USA is here, now, fully engaged in battles and prepared to elevate the stakes if necessary. They are piling more troops and land/sea/air equipment into the region almost daily.

Some theologians or “end times experts” suggest the references in Ezekiel 38 of Tarshish, the young lions, or villages might be USA, arguing, questioning or ignoring Gog and her armies’ movement towards Israel.

Except USA is purportedly, both clandestinely and visibly in full battle mode, synchronized with Israel, actively engaged politically, militarily and financially for the sole protection of Israel.

Or there are suggestions that USA is the Great Eagle in Revelation 12. That would be more plausible in existing circumstances; but the Great Eagle unlikely applies to USA as well.

As a result, I submit to you; leaving the dominant USA out of prophecy at this stage of warfare, at least in some recognizable outline, or veiled form or manner, would be like leaving out regions such as Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer and Beth Togarmah, or the armies of Assyria, Babylonia, or Egypt, out of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.

For instance, some conclude USA is the dreadful, terrible and powerful Fourth Beast in Daniel 7, but that’s a study for another time.

Consequently, I furthermore propose that when Ezekiel 38 occurs, USA will not be an Israel ally, or comprehensively not in the Middle East equation what so ever.

In Ezekiel 38, only God will be the House of Israel’s ally. And, God has never shared His Glory with anyone except His Son, Jesus Christ.

But make no mistake, severe regional war is brewing and it is reasonable to acknowledge that harsh regional fighting could ensue soon and into 2019.

However, in lieu of present-day inconsistencies in prophecy, instead of Ezekiel 38, one scenario may be similar to Ezekiel 34, 35, 36 & 37. When the Lord uses these current commotions to replace Israel’s shepherds with His shepherds, remove His enemies, remove enemies of the Jews from inside Israel and neighboring Israel, thus rebuilding Israel peaceably, treaties with Arab neighbors, with no need of walls, bars or nuclear weapons, hence, all living in safety.

Then, returning the entire House of Israel.

During which time, Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey suffer loss and humiliation, holding a colossal grudge against Israel and vowing formidable vengeance, therein eventually preparing the way for Ezekiel 38.  |  More columns by the same writer |

Don Davis

Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But many of his abridged reports on current or Israeli subjects have been posted as articles or blogs in The Christian Messenger in India, The Times of Israel, and in American news online. Don is also the book author of ‘The Children of Santiago’ and ‘The Theogonic Resurrections’.

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