About the founders

Robin Sam, a journalist by training, is the founder of The Christian Messenger news magazine and Messenger Missions ministries. He accepted the Lord as his savior when he was 13. However, after much backsliding and waywardness he committed his life to the Lord again when he realized how God saved his life from a near fatal accident just days before his marriage. Five years later, he felt the calling of God on his life. Though he ignored it initially, the calling only grew stronger. In between, he experimented with a business and lost heavily. However, the Lord healed his brokenness. After much prayer and fasting, he confirmed the Lord’s calling into His ministry. Thus was born The Christian Messenger ministry in 2002. Since 2008, he has been serving Jesus Christ as a full-time worker.  | Read Robin Sam’s blogs here | and here.

Elsy Robin accepted Jesus as her Lord and savior at a young age. She is the co-founder of The Christian Messenger and Messenger Missions ministries.

The Robins have two children – Sandra and Steven. They live in Chennai.