579 out of 613 people groups in UP have no Christians


UTTAR Pradesh in India is one of the least-evangelized places in the world, according to Operation World.

“This single state of India probably represents the most intense concentration of unevangelized people and groups in the world, and thereby the greatest mission challenge,” an Operation World expert was quoted as saying in a news report in Mission Network News.

Although stories of church growth in India may be true, much needs to be done still, the expert says.

A recent census says 579 of the 613 people groups in Uttar Pradesh have no Christians at all.

The church in Punjab in India is growing a little faster. Although 60 percent of people in Punjab still follow the Sikhism, believers are growing in number.

Each state of India has its unique challenges, but Bibles for the World has concentrated its efforts in these two states for the moment. The organization is preparing to print 1.2 million copies of the Gospel of John in Punjabi and Hindi in 2011. The copies of the Gospel of John will be distributed across Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

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