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God continues to move in India amidst reports of persecution

The spike in Christian persecution is largely because anti-Christian extremism in India is rising.

India’s One Rupee note turns 100 today!

The first one rupee note was introduced on November 30, 1917. It was printed in England and depicted a silver coin image of King George V on the left corner.

Al Qaeda likely to carry out attacks in India: report

The intelligence agency has reportedly tweeted that the terror group has recently released a fresh propaganda magazine about its plans to carry out the attacks in the two mentioned countries.

Qualcomm completes test of 5G on mobile device

Chipmaker Qualcomm announced it had completed its first test of 5G connection on a mobile device. In the test, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon modem chipset achieved...

Girl starves to death over not linking Aadhaar, Ration cards

A 11-year-old girl from Jharkhand’s Simdega district has died of starvation after her family was refused subsidised rations on the grounds that their ration card was not linke to an Aadhaar card.
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Be a compassionate Christian

We need to show the heart of Jesus and to be compassionate to others. Today in prayer, thank Christ for His compassion toward you and seek to show His love to others.

Be thankful in all things

Be an overcomer!

Be patient

Unite with a church