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5 Core Essentials of a Christian Leader

I realized early on in my ministry that I had the propensity to cheat scripture reading because I was in ministry. So a year after I started full time in ministry, I bought a One Year Bible.

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Kendrick Lamar Calls On Church to Preach the Hard Truth

As a father who seeks the love of his children, God wants our hearts. It’s not enough to half-heartedly “believe” in a god – while also worshiping drugs, money, sex, and pleasure.

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How much time should I spend preparing a sermon?

I am not saying that you should slack on sermon prep. Write and preach the best sermon you possibly can. However, many pastors get stuck because they are spending too much time preparing the sermon and other ministry areas suffer.

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Do you know the biggest reason why people attend church?

Making phone calls, visiting hospitals, managing the budget, and changing light bulbs are all important. But not more important than preaching.

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This actor played ‘Jesus’, but Hollywood has rejected him!

Passion of Christ

Caviezel added that like any believer, sometimes he struggles with faith. However, whatever role he plays or job he takes on, he never forgets the name of Jesus.

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How to pray for North Korea, Dutch Sheets reveals

The principalities and demons “are angry because we—the Church … as Believers—have moved into a season where we can experience great breakthrough. In fact; some are the breakthroughs that we’ve been praying for and interceding for, for years.”

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Preachers, you’re NOT the story!

People should not leave the sermon having learned more about the preacher than Christ. When we stand to preach the word, we should prayerfully whisper to ourselves, “You are not the story.”

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Americans fond of Bible; they just don’t read it!

One place Americans are still likely to hear the Bible read is in church. And many Protestant pastors try to encourage their flocks to give the Bible a try.

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Trump signs executive order protecting religious liberty

With Pastor Paula White and other leaders of faith behind him, President Donald Trump recognized the National Day of Prayer while gathered in the White House Rose Garden—a first for the event.

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