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‘90,000 Christian martyrs annually’ claim disputed

Global charity Open Doors has disputed the way in which statistics on Christian “martyrs” are collected, arguing that an annual figure of 90,000, recently reported widely, is significantly higher than the accurately verifiable number.

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‘Women play key role in spread of Christianity in Iran’

Women who become Christians, she said, find that they “are loved, they are wanted, and they can come to God just as they are, without any shame”.

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Christians in India increasingly under attack, study shows


The persecution of Christians in India has risen over the past year, pushing it up a league table of countries where the practice of the faith is a high-risk activity, according to a monitoring organisation.

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Divorce granted by Church court can’t override law: Supreme Court

Former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee, appearing for Pais, had contended that when oral ‘triple talaq’ could get legal sanctity for granting divorce to Muslim couples, why could Canon law decrees not be made binding on courts of law.

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The Thing That Holds You Back From Your Calling

God often gives us a task to complete for Him that’s seasonal, not lifelong. Don’t misunderstand me; He will always have something for us to do, but He may need for us to switch our focus.

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How does God give us all things? According to Romans 8:32, God gives us all things FREELY with Him (Jesus Christ). If that has gladdened your heart as it did mine, shout to the Lord! Blessings are a natural progression in a redeemed child’s life.

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Powerfully Praying God’s Promises Over Your Children

No parent can force a child to love and serve God. But God intends to be involved in the process supernaturally. One touch of His Spirit is far more effective than hours of pleading and counseling from a distraught father or mother.

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God changes the pattern of your life to make your abnormal look normal

Child of God, when you look at your life you see only the abnormality of your circumstances. The impossibility of the situations may make you balk and go weak in your knees, but remember there is a God who changes the patterns to make your abnormal, normal.

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